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For the way you guys talk about JUNGLE FLAVOURS....Sure hope Canada gets a vendor soon.

With the basket ingredients seeming so handcuffing myself into a bakery I decided on a bubblegum. Have been using LA bubblegum for a few months and I actually used it to prep my recipe before my FW bubblegum arrived a week after the contest had started. I played around with FA meringue instead of cap sweet strawberry (wish I could have used both in the end), I decided to keep cap sweet strawberry to support tpa strawberry ripe from being taken over from fa fugi. In fact it may have helped bridge the two fruits together. Tfa Marshmallow I used to help create a stickyness to help with the bubblegum feel. When vaping I get the strawberry and Apple almost blended together on the first and primary note, bubblegum in the middle base note and an almost palate cleansing cinnamon on the after note exhale. Made seven different versions and every time it was either a shake and vape or within 24 hours it was good to go. I really wanted to have the basket ingredients shine in this recipe and not be masked in a full pink bubblegum flavour. Hopefully YA'LL feel the same.

Awesome contest, thanks for the challenge! Thanks to the BB crew and Inthemix! Listening and mixing since March 2016.
Much love,


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