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This was a very random mix of flavors. But I’m very happy at how it turned out.

So, I whipped this up after running out my favorited ADV recipe for icy peach rings 🧊 🍑. Fuji apple is a great all around flavor to have and I couldn’t stop myself from putting white peach into the recipe. Liquid amber has a lingering effect on the taste buds and bridges the gap from the Fuji -> Peach undertones. The peach gummy candy helps bring out a hard candy note. WS-23 is optional but I would recommend it.

After a all you can eat sushi 🍣 lunch I walked out to my car and dripped some into a new coil and cotton. The first pull from my vape I could only refer back to a pearl shaped hard candy you would get at some Chinese restaurants. Which is Guava flavored but for some reason it tasted the exact same to me.

After a big meal I would suggest vaping this.

The juice has a coats your stomach or happy belly vibe to it.

OhM: 0.29
Watts: 30-45
Mod: Pulse X
RDA: Entheon

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