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My first recipe when I started DIY was an apple pie recipe. At that time I thought it was a great apple pie and I still think it's really good but I wanted to make an even better apple pie. Instead of trying to modify my original recipe I decided to start from scratch and this is the result.

The crust of this pie (FA GC/CAP Cinn Sugar/FLV Pastry Zest) I borrowed from @RinVapes Cinnamon Pear Tart (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/134961#cinnamon_pear_tart_by_rinvapes). This is an excellent crust that would work with a lot of different pies in my opinion. I did increase the percentages since she does mix low and I think it works perfect here.

The apple custard layer (PUR Country Apple/FLV Apple Filling/INW Custard) was inspired by @mlNikon who seems to be a fan of PUR Country Apple and has used the Country Apple/Apple Filling combination in her recipes. I wanted to make this more than just an apple pie though so I added INW Custard to make an Apple Custard Pie (which is great pie if you've never had it).

Overall, I'm very happy with the way that this recipe turned out. It's not quite as custard-y as the picture would suggest but it does have a nice light vanilla eggyness and the slight buttery flavor from the custard lends itself nicely to the crust. Since I used INW Custard in this recipe you can SnV with no issues but the flavors all come together best after a 3-5 day steep which is where I prefer to vape it.

I've been working on this recipe since first trying TFA Banana Nut Bread awhile back and I finally have something that I enjoy quite a bit and I feel others will as well.

TFA Banana Nut Bread/WF Banana Puree - The base of this recipe is obviously the TFA BNB but I wanted to boost the banana flavor so I originally started out with TFA Banana Ripe but there was a weird off-note and I just really didn't like that banana flavor at all. After getting some advice from others I settled on WF Banana Puree as a replacement which is worlds better than Banana Ripe.

INW Custard/LA Cream Cheese Icing - My early attempts at this recipe were sort of dead/bland on the exhale and it was really annoying me. During this time I experienced INW Custard for the first time in Mr Burgundy's St Louie Butter Cake recipe, which also included the CCI though I had used it before, and I knew right away that this is what I needed in my Banana Nut recipe. The combination of these two flavors add a nice richness with some nice mouthfeel and a buttery sweet banana exhale that is very pleasing. This really boosts the overall vape experience and I'm very happy with it.

FW Butter Pecan - I chose to add this to help accent the nut flavor in the Banana Nut Bread. It's very subtle but you definitely get the hints of Pecan flavor throughout the vape experience.

CAP Super Sweet - This was just added for a touch more sweetness. It's such a small quantity that it can be left out if you choose but I wanted that little extra touch of sweetness so I included it in the recipe.

This is actually quite good as a SNV but it really needs a good week for the Custard and CCI to work their magic.


After many variations, I've finally come up with a Peach Lemonade that is easily an ADV for me. Peach and lemonade make such a great combination. Give this refreshing juice a try and I think you'll agree.

LA Lemonade - this is my go-to lemonade, for me there's just none better.

CAP Italian Lemon Sicily - I went back and forth with this flavor but I really love the way it works here to make that authentic lemon flavor really shine.

LA Peach - I tried many peaches, solo and in combination but just didn't really get that flavor I was looking for. Finally, I decided since I'm using LA Lemonade, why not try it with the LA Peach .... and it really works here. You get a nice subtle peach flavor that you can definitely taste but isn't so overpowering that it mutes the lemonade.

CAP Super Sweet - use whatever sweetener you like, or no sweetener if that's the way you like it. I'm sure it's still great without it.

I think I might try 1% Koolada in my next batch but just like with the sweetener, that's all personal preference. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as I do.

EDIT: I actually really enjoy this after a month long steep. You lose a little bit of the lemonade flavor but the peach is just so nice. This LA Peach is definitely becoming one of my favorites.

This is my adaptation of Smooth Morning Kick (by Lars on ELR). I use FA Cappuccino instead of the Tiramisu and add TPA Meringue to give a little more sweet creaminess to the mix. This needs a good 7 days steep to really blend the flavors but it's one of the best coffee juices I've had. Fantastic in the morning but great as an ADV as well.

A nice warm apple pie. I've been working on this recipe since I started DIY and I finally have the flavor profile I've been looking for. The apple and cinnamon are at the forefront with a nice pie crust flavor on the exhale.

FA Fuji is the key to this recipe. At 2% the Cinnamon from the Cinnamon Danish Swirl really stands out but below 2% you lose something from the CDS. This is where the Fuji comes in. Fuji helps the Double Apple pop out from behind that Cinnamon to give you that nice balance between the Apple and Cinnamon.

I know a lot of people have issues with using CAP V2 flavorings but Apple Pie V2 and CDS V2 in this recipe tastes amazing. You won't be disappointed.

User: PjStarTV Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Excellent recipe! I was worried I wouldn't be able to taste the citrus with the blood orange and orange but the citrus sits nicely right there with the oranges. Very well done.
User: PjStarTV Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Fantastic recipe even with JF Yellow Cake. I'm a huge fan of Ooey Gooey Butter Cake dessert and this captures that flavor fantastically. I love the rich full mouthfeel that you get here. I never used INW Custard until I mixed up this recipe and now I find myself using it a lot in my bakery recipes. Great job!!
User: PjStarTV Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Fantastic! Tastes just like sweet buttered popcorn. However, the longer I vape it the more it turns into sweet buttercream cake frosting....and that's not a bad thing. It's a very rich and decadent vape that's really a bit too much to be an ADV but definitely worth going back to again and again.
User: PjStarTV Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Another very good recipe. To me this tastes just like Strawberry Cream Savers. There is a little bit of a medicinal note when I first vape this in the morning or if I pick up my vape after not vaping for awhile but as I continuously vape it I don't notice it.
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