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kinda snickerdoodley. one of my favorite bakery recipes to date. try to wait for the steep.

just a simple vanilla recipe that is great by itself. feel free to try different accents.

Juggalocious pistachio custard with a hint of honeysuckle. sub flv cream for a fine and unique cream soda.


Do you like apple pie filling so much that you could scoop it out of the crust and eat it by itself? then this is for you!

FA Fuji and FA Pear make a soft apple flavor complimented by the TFA KY Bourbon and FLV Rich Cinnamon to provide the baked and seasoned aspect.

JF Yellow Cake and FA Zeppola give this a bakery tone that feels like the taste of the crust the filling was baked in.

This was a submission to the mixers club and after trying a few versions to bring this to full-on pie, i decided that i liked this version best.

Two weeks steeping brings this to perfection.

A milkshake made from Masala Chai ice cream.

RF (SC) Masala Chai
Everything you could ask for in a Chai concentrate.

TFA VBIC/ TFA Malted Milk/ FA Vienna Cream/ FA Fresh Cream
This is the milkshake. The body is provided by the VBIC all the wholesome goodness you need in a milkshake. Malted Milk gives us a solid maltiness where we need it, and fresh cream lends a great dairy booster. Vienna Cream really brings the whole thing together like magic.

You can sub FW Hazelnut for the TFA Malted Milk in a pinch at 0.75%. Feel free to add a bit of FLV Rich Cinnamon and/or Koolada if that is your kinda thing.

This is something a bit different. I wanted to create a recipe with only flavors that most people already have, as a kind of challenge. This started a brainstorming session in which i stared at my collection on ATF, looking at the number of recipes that the flavors i had were in. I wrote a short list of flavors that were used in over 3000 recipes on ATF, the "MVPs", at the most commonly used percentage and narrowed it down (after a small amount of adjusting) to this final form:
TFA Strawberry Ripe: 4%
TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: 3%
CAP Vanilla Custard v1: 3%
CAP Sugar Cookie: 3%
FA Fresh Cream: 1%
FA Meringue: 1%
So the notes on this are less of a "what i was going for" and more of a "what had happened was..." so here it goes:
I mixed this at 70/30 VG(ECX)/PG(Essential Depot), with 5mg/ml nic (ECX 100% VG), and steeped it for two weeks.
This tastes like straight up delicious strawberry shortcake ice cream, with a hint of sugary milk from the bottom of a bowl of crunchberries. the Vanilla Custard gives its rich mouthfeel, the Sugar Cookie becomes shortbread chunks, the ice cream does its job as advertised, and the Ripe Strawberry works like a charm. None of that should come as much of a surprise, as you already have and use these flavors often. Fresh Cream and Meringue do an excellent job as accents here; boosting milkiness and sweetness respectively.
I hope this gives other people ideas on how to "mix outside the box."
At the end of the day this is just a run-of-the-mill strawberries and cream, but what surprised me most is that developing a recipe in this odd fashion actually yielded a delicious recipe! I know you all have these flavors, so mix this up and tell me what you think!

A bangin strawberry kiwi milkshake. Been working on this for a while now.


A tobacco custard. Chocolate and coffee notes play with hints of cinnamon in the sweet and dark custard clouds

A tall stack of buttermilk pancakes covered in pralines and cream Mmmmmm...

User: PerennialPhilosopher Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
The best part about this recipe is how the sugar cookie just compliments the strawberry and doesn't dominate the mix. I'm really glad I mixed this up!
User: PerennialPhilosopher Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
https://www.reddit.com/r/mixersclub/comments/5jb9ha/fused_26_group/ here are a few reviews (including mine)
User: PerennialPhilosopher Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Accurate to description, delicious all day quality! I do wish you would have called it the A.S.S. roll so that I could have said "dat ass roll doe..."
User: PerennialPhilosopher Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is incredible! That banana cream % looked way too high until I tried this, oddly enough the FLV chocolate is the Star of the show here. The coconut seems to act as a sweet texturing agent, and the creams back up that chocolate perfectly for me. I have tried the recipe that seems to have inspired this (here come the boys) and I will say that this is by far my favorite of the two. The only thing this doesn't have is mint! (which for me is a good thing.) Edit: I used a tiny bit more than 0.08% FLV Milk Chocolate when I mixed this because I was too lazy to make a dilution. FWIW it is probably worth making a dilution for this recipe as I'm sure there are subtle things going on that the chocolate is covering.
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