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I wanted to make a creamy apple crumble flavour with a hint of ice cream. The challenge for me was to push the fuji more towards a baked apple without using FA Liquid Amber. Because I could only use 3 additional flavours and didn't want to waste one flavour on that. I tried to achieve a similar effect by using TFA Strawberry ripe.

FA FUJI is a very bright and frech apple flavour. The problem for me was the right percentage. I didn't want the apple too much upfront but if used too low, it gets muted too much after a few days of steeping. For me 3,5% turned out to be the best compromise.
CAP CINNAMON DANISH SWIRL V2 gives cinnamon to the crumble and also a hint of bakery notes.
FA APPLE PIE adds the crusty taste and pairs perfectly with the fuji.
TFA DX VANILLA CUPCAKE just blends all together. It adds the missing buttery cake flavour to the crumble and also transforms the apple more towards a baked apple. It cuts the edges, gives a little graininess to mix and adds a kind of icing to the apple.
TFA STRAWBERRY RIPE is a very versatile flavour because the strawberry is quite weak and can be nicely used in different situations. In this receipe it turns the fuji more towards a red apple and sweetens up the receipe.
CAP VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM gives more mouthfeel and vanilla creaminess to the mix.

Recommended steeping time: 3-4 days

PS: Sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany. Because of that I couldn't get JV Fuji...

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