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This is a adaptation of Wayne's "My Custard", but specifically for those of us out there who aren't afraid of 20% recipes. It's the most delicious vape I've ever personally made. This reminds me of a Butterscotch Pudding more than a custard, and the Kettle Corn really transforms the way this recipe "sticks" to your mouth.

As far as development notes, since it was based off someone else's recipe I went a different route. I added some of my favorite flavors, at %'s I KNOW I could taste them at. I didn't change a single thing from my first attempt, as it's so damn good to me that it lacks nothing. Sometimes you get lucky, and personally this is on the level of "Golden Oreo Custard" with respect to accurately portraying the real life, edible version.

Give it 7-10 days, at 10 days it's a different animal than even at 5 days.
I hope you enjoy it.

I usually don't post recipes, mainly because my pallet is shot to shit. My best recipes are usually 3-5 ingredients, 12%-16%. And I can TASTE them, not imagine what they taste like.

This recipe is a simple rhubarb/raspberry muffin crisp. I've been chasing this profile for quite a while, with lackluster results. I took inspiration for this version from a thread somewhere online, and now I'm not sure where. Even though the other recipe used only 2 of the ingredients (Meringue and Rich Cinnamon), I still feel I owe credit where it is due.

The trouble with this recipe was finding a decent muffin base that didn't require 3 ingredients on it's own. Enter FLV Lembas Bread. A great, full muffin that is a great neutral start, if a bit dry. Call in TFA Butter. ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY PERFECT playmate for Lembas Bread. Provides richness, and anchors the base of the recipe. Plus dem 'ketones nukka.

The brown sugar works in 2 seperate aspects in this recipe. Adding moistness and sweetness to the base, as well as working with the Meringue and Rich Cinnamon to create the "crisp". I think people underestimate the textural effects Rich Cinnamon. The flavor is obviously great, but it can add a fresh-baked feel to many bakeries at extremely small percentages.

The fruit portion satisfies two requirements for me. #1, figure out a way to use the may-be-stronger-than-betahydroxymethylfentanyl substance known as INW Rhubarb, and utilize a combination that doesn't rely on sweetness for flavor, and will not fade with time. Trying to find a Raspberry to work with INW Rhubarb was tough-INW's offering is much too similar as it is quite tart to me on it's own. TFA's tastes like grass clippings, CAP's was close, but didn't quite punch through or hold up to a steep well enough.

FA Berryl (Raspberry) ended up the only one besides MF that had the flavor I wanted, and the necessity of a 20 fortnight steep took the MF off the table. From there, it was just trial and error to figure out relative strengths of the 2 fruits after a week steep, knowing the INW Rhubarb HAD to stay @0.3% or lower. I tested the Raspberry @ 1%, 1.5%, 2%, and 2.5% with 2% being the magic number. Any higher and it takes over the muffin base, any lower and the Rhubarb buries it like it was gonna testify.

The FLV Cream helps round the whole thing off with more moisture and mouthfeel and blah blah blah blah. That shit is just excellent, put it in errthang, ya dig? Hopefully if you mix it, you'll like it, and leave some feedback.

My Remix/Clone of Liquid State Apple Butter, a juice I've long loved, whose sweetener content left my coils just like my heart-black and rotten. I wanted a similar taste, without all that damned sweetener, and I believe I was able to achieve it. I post very few of my recipes, but I ask you to please try & rate, as it helps us all!

CAP Graham Cracker/TPA Graham Cracker (clear)/FA Apple Pie - This is not so much a crunchy crust, as utilization of the spice notes to construct a contrast to the sweetness of the fruit. It gives the flavor that multidemensional layering that is the key to keeping a vape interesting, for my tastes at least. Don't mind the high % of CAP GC, it just works here.

JF Fuji/TFA Pear/FA Liquid Amber - Nothing to special here besides the JF Fuji. FA fuji never sat well with me, and I would usually mix it 50/50 with CAP Double Apple when pursuing this profile. JF Fuji is much more balanced and moist. Liquid Amber is obvious, just for the cooked/carmelization of the fruits. The Pear brings the sweetness and rounds off the Apple, as well as acting as a bridge with...

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream- An amazing ingredient, one that is a must in any fruit/cream hybrid, used here for it's ability to bring a light vanilla flavor, but not muddy the recipe with too much cream.

DF Clove- I'm putting this in many of my fruit recipes as of late, but it's at home with apple. Again, it provides a counterbalance to the sweetness, helping with the aforementioned multidimensionality. (ok not sure if that's a word but fuck it I'm on my tablet, in the bathtub, after another accidental Ambien @2am)

I sincerely hope you enjoy this!


THE Horchata-
A silky blend of light creams, rice milk, cinnamon and vanilla that will satisfy even the most discerning lovers of "MexiMilk". In shake and vape fashion none the less! I live in an area with one of the highest densities of hispanics per capita in the US... In Tennessee. In the mountains. It surprised me too! Well, the good 'ol boys told me about "MexiMilk", a regional colloquialism referring to horchata. And just like the first time I tried rock, I was hooked!

The base
CAP Horchata/FW VBIC/CAP Sweet Cream---I was looking for light and sweet, and when it comes to VBIC, FW wins that title in my eyes. However, it could use the extra sweetness and silky mouthfeel that CAP Sweet Cream can bring. Also, these don't take a month to steep like so many other options, which brings me to the star of the show...CAP Horchata. It's the perfect balance of rice milk to cream, easy on the cinnamon, and great fresh or aged. It's far better than any build-it-from-scratch horchata I've tried to make.

The accouterments
Holy Vanilla- What can I say that hasn't been said about HV, except... I use it in my actual horchatas! In vapor form, it really bridges the gap between the creams, and seems to be able to take 2 disparate ingredients and make them taste as one. While there is no real disparity to quench here, it makes the entire vape seem so much more consistent.

FW Hazelnut- Originally this recipe started with TPA Malted Milk, but excluding that and adding the Hazelnut formed a much richer, "malty" cream base. Also, I feel it acts like a very small amount of Saline in a recipe- salinity brings out inherent sweetness,

FLV Rich Cinnamon-Duh, just duh. 1 drop per 15ml.

TPA Sweetner-Optional, but I put 2 small drops per 15ml, just enough to barely notice it. I like the 50/50 bleand of EM and Succulose here, as opposed to one or the other.

Now let's face it, all recipes change over time. However, my main goal was a silky, creamy vape that tastes good on day 1. After 3 days, it's matured quite well, and at a week, well, fuckin a mate!

Enjoy, Hombré! (and Hombreses? idk)



After getting involved with the DIY_EJUICE Monthly Clone Challenge, I ordered some Titan from the good people at Blue Dot Vapors. Upon trying it, I feel it taste very similar to Amalfi by Bigglesworth Labs, which I've been working on cloning for quite some time. Titan definitely has a lovely spice on the finish of the exhale, whereas Amalfi is more jam-like and consistent across the vape.

I've had a multitude of Amalfi clones, and recently been taking it in my own direction. Once I tried Titan, I simply removed FW Tres Leches and replaced it with CAP Gingerbread. I also excluded FA Liquid Amber. I'll tell ya what, even fresh, this tastes like it's going in the right direction. Although I obviously haven't had a chance to see how it steeps, based on the previous iteration I expect it to be as delicious if not moreso, as the Gingerbread really adds the extra dimension of flavor.

INW/FA Apricot- I must say I'm a big fan of LA Apricot, but FA seems a bit tangier, juicier, and punches through longer during the exhale. INW lends that soft, almost peach-like quality.

FA Torrone/Almond/Meringue- While I used TPA Almond in my Amalfi attempts initially, FA's offering is less sweet and seems to be a bit more "musty" which works well in bakeries. The Torrone adds almond as well, as well as a citrus zest that helps the Apricots poke through. Also when combined with FA Meringue, it steeps into a beautiful sweetness that seems intrinsic rather than sitting on top of the other flavors.

FA Tanger- While this is a new addition to this recipe, I don't really know how it will play out during a steep. A bit forward at the moment, but definitely well in the ballpark and adds a nice zing to the Apricots. This may end up being reduced to .75%.

AP/TFA Vanilla Cupcake/JF Yellow Cake- This was my base for Amalfi (+FW Tres Leches 1%) and seems to be a fine fit here. Initially, I used FructoseWild's Yellow Cake, but changed to JF because even though I don't mind, others may not wish to consume that concentrate. TFA beats CAP Van Cupcake with a little extra sweetness, and a shorter steep time. I feel the AP helps with seperating the layers of flavors, so fruit over bakery instead of fruit + bakery x blender= bleh.

CAP Gingerbread- Again, a new part of the recipe that, at least fresh, seems like it will be in the right direction.

DISCLAIMER- This is not meant to be an outright clone, just a modification on a similar recipe. That, and my tastebuds are like that Turkish neighbor of yours that wears sunglasses at night, buys large amount of black trash bags, and drives a Chrysler Sebring convertible...AKA on the Not To Be Trusted List. If you people knew what I put my tastebuds through...

Smooth, juicy pears covered in sweet caramel, smothered in peanut butter, and topped with toasted marshmallows!

Believe it or not, I like this as a shake and vape! However, I like a bit of throat hit, and have been making it 50/50. You should give it at least 4 days if making 70/30 or more.

Add 1.5% TPA Kentucky Bourbon if you like that boozy note

TPA/INW Pear- At these %'s, they make my favorite pear base as a main note. However, if you want to go for a less sharp pear, drop both to 1.25%, and add .25% FA Fuji and .25% FA Kiwi.

FA Liquid Amber/TPA Toasted Marshmallow/TPA Peanut Butter- This not only cooks the pear, but gives it just the right amount of tartness to offset the sweetness in the Marshmallow/Caramel/Pear/Brown Sugar.

FA Caramel/TPA Brown Sugar/TPA Marshmallow- Probably pretty damn obvious, but these are used here for....deliciousness! Feel free to cut Marshmallow to 1% for a tick less sweetness, but I really like it that high.

This is the 1 of the concentrates I use to help my sorry ass taste buds catch a glimpse of the beautiful club "Strawberry Olfactory Recognition Guild". To date, I've not received my membership, but this has got me closer. Feel free to replace CAP Super Sweet with EM10%, as that is my other mix.

I used 0.5%-1.5% in most of my mixes thus far.

User: ParDeus Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
User: ParDeus Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Just down right amazing. I've never taken time to write a review, mostly because my taste buds are very unreliable. I can say this is the first juice to stay in one of my tanks for more than a week since I started vaping. I've used INW Orange, INW Lemon and FA Lime Tahity Distilled in place of the CAP Lemon Lime and FW Blood Orange, and it works great that way as well. Congrats man!
User: ParDeus Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Everybody, TRY THIS RECIPE. I used 1% of Delosi Clove, and I'm telling you, the flavor bending here is phenomenal! My ol lady though it was chocolate, then 5min later thought it was margarita. It's simple, delicous and never gets boring. Thank you for putting this together!
User: ParDeus Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
User: ParDeus Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Dead on profile. Being a non taster of strawberries, I made the original recipe and one with additional 0.75% RF Strawberry SC. They are both amazing! One of the top 3 recipes I've had to date. To the other reviewer, yes FA Pandoro is loaded with DAAP.
User: ParDeus Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Proper CTC, spot on. I fell out of love with cinnamon vapes, but a sample of BDV's CTC Cereal got me interested again. After that ran out, whipped this up, and shitfire save matches it's the best thing I've ever mixed. Congrats, and thank you!
User: ParDeus Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Hard to find a more accurate representation of a food in a vape... This is ridiculously delicious, as it was one of the first recipes that allowed me to taste Strawberry. For all the other Strawberry non-tasters out there, try this recipe!
User: ParDeus Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
TRY THIS RECIPE!!! I hate coconut. I hate melon (vape flavors anyhow). This shit is amazing. I will admit, I like it better with 3% JF Honeydew Melon instead of TPA, and I used 0.5 FLV Sweet Coconut instead of the TPA Coconut in the modified recipe, but both are amazing!!!
User: ParDeus Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
This is a fantastic recipe. I love RF Oatmeal Cookie, but I've had a hard time getting it to play nice with others. Here it seems to combine with the toffee to create an authentic Oatmeal Cookie flavor, just as if there are bits of it mixed throughout the pudding. Fantastic S&V too, quite rare considering the type of profile. It tastes like a pudding with the texture of frozen cool whip, with just enough crunch to make you think a soft cookie was mixed in. Fucking phenomenal stuff this is! I'm to the point now where TooTall is on my list of elite mixers who's recipes I'll make without question. List may be a bad term, really just Id10-t and TooTall thus far!
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