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Recipe for a coworker. Started as FLV bubble gum, VT bubble gum base, FLV watermelon and wild melon

She wanted to try a sweeter candied watermelon, switched from 1.5 flv watermelon/.75 flv wild melon to 3% pur watermelon.

We've been running this recipe for a while since with no changes, so I am making it public. Adjust menthol to taste(or remove that nasty stuff entirely!)


Quick, easy, low hanging fruit.

Inspired by Clown Crush and ID10-T's 3-2-1 sodas.

Edit: Ended up adding 2 drops of Super Sweet as a bridge, since the flavors felt separated(2 drops per 10ml). Quite happy with it now. Would probably be fine with a short steep, but was looking for SNV.


Lemonade base shamelessly stolen from Vurve's good ole Best Damn Pink Lemonade. This base is great with other flavors as the top note as evidenced by Edible Malfunction's Backwoods Lemonade, some blackberry lemonades, and a few other variations floating around. I love FLV Boysenberry and think this mix is a potential ADV for me, and sits well alongside the rest of the lemonade arsenal I carry most days. I mix at 80/20 but feel free to run max VG if desired.

Dropped TFA Sweetener for .5% Super Sweet. EM is unnecessary. Sweeten to taste obviously.

Attempt at a clone/inspiration from Keep it 100's Blue Raspberry Slushie Tropical. 1 drop of WS-23 per 30 for the ice.

v2-Boosting the tropic up a bit to 2%. Adding Raspberry Sweet to help avoid the flatness LB Blue Raspberry can get on its own if it sits too long. Reduced sweetener a bit.

Thanks to DustinLee for his Keep it 100 Blue Raspberry Slushie clone attempt that I used as a launchpad.

Slight remix of bronuts without fructose, and using JF Biscuit instead of INW. Great as SNV. This really starts to bloom after two to three days. I have no comparison to the original since I don't want to buy FW Yellow Cake, but it makes a great tasty vape on it's own and doesn't cover your coils in burned fructose in an hour.

All credit to Wayne Walker for original recipe.

User: Outofhand Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Seriously great, and that's coming from someone who has never enjoyed a lemonade based commercial juice. The LA Lemonade and Lemon Sicily may be the perfect lemonade base to branch off of too. Great work here! Went through nearly 100ml in 4 days.
User: Outofhand Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
I found this going through all of Fear's tobaccos one day, and decided to try it out, even though it is the least mixed and least viewed recipe of his on ATF. The flavor is great, and I will be mixing it again. The nutty flavors play well with the toffee and caramel, especially when layered over the tobacco notes given by cured and native. Definitely try it out!
User: Outofhand Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Bought FW wild berry cobbler just to try this out. After a 2 week steep (kind of forgot about it in the closet), it is lovely. Mouthfeel is full, the berries are dark and jammy, supported by the cream of Yes We Cheesecake, which then leads to a full and satisfying bakery finish.
User: Outofhand Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Absolutely lovely. Very, very good and well crafted.
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