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Here is another 2 ingredient recipe. Mouthfeel is full and a rich vanilla custard is the initial flavor with the vanilla sweetened strawberry on the exhale and a tasty treat when you open your mouth and let it breathe. This needs a 2-5 day steep. When it turns a rich rose color it is ready. Lovely CAP Vanilla custard for that rich base and FA Red Touch to give it a nice strawberrylicious balance. This is another of my ADV's. Easy and delicious, but it needs the steep!

This recipe is my ADV. It is very good as a SNV. The recipe really gains character the longer you let it steep. I have mixed it from Max PG all the way to 70pg/30vg and it is excellent throughout. My favorite times in steep are 10-15 days and anything after a month as there is an awkward period from 15 days to a month. I have some that is 3 months old and is still at its best

The default in this area is "No Description" and it fits. I cannot describe this flavor and I have not met anyone else who can either. I would not presume to compare this recipe to Grack but it does have some of the the same enigmatic flavor and mouthfeel characteristics as that famous juice. The recipe needs a 3 week steep to be at its finest. When it turns gold it is ready to go. It will also work very well with nic up to 12mg, I have not tried it above 12. Would welcome your thoughts.

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