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From @Queuetue : The Derringer is my choice for testing, in a mix or with a single flavor. Please support creative people by buying authentic atomizers, but I also keep a number of these clones from Fasttech on hand so I always have a an atomizer ready to go while I'm mixing.

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Sometimes to get inspiration, I like to blindly grab three flavors from my shelves and, no matter what they are, see if I can make a decent recipe from them. 90% of the time, I grab some truly awful shit that never works out. However, I got lucky with this one. This was a first attempt just based on familiarity with the flavors, and it was so unique that I felt nothing needed tweaking.

The overall profile is just a bright fruit drink mix that still retains that separation that I love; each flavor is easily recognizable without being too obvious. HS Blueberry and INW White Grapefruit at these percentages sort of "fight" with one another to hold the spotlight in an interesting way. HS Blueberry gives us a syrupy, artificial blueberry flavor that pairs nicely with the bright, slightly acidic INW White Grapefruit. FLV Lime is pretty much Lime Kool-Aid, and gives us a playful note to keep everything interesting.

I'll admit that I mostly just wanted to squeeze in one more recipe this year so you guys don't think I'm dead.....and maybe fuck with CokeCan a bit for calling out all my friends. But this is probably one of the more unique profiles I've made. It's good as a shake and vape, but really settles in around the 2 day mark.

Full-bodied peaches and heavy cream. Age at least 5 days.

Jungle Flavors Bavarian Cream can be switched out for TFA Bavarian Cream at the same percentage, but JF has a little bit more body, in my opinion.


Simple, thick and creamy Greek yogurt base to add fruits to, or vape alone. I made this base to be accepting to any fruit and still hold up in the recipe, with no needed tweaks. I've added strawberry, lime, banana, blueberry, and even honey with great results.

(Recipe developed with a little help from SkiddlzNinja a while back.)


Gush clone. No subs can be made or it throws off the entire balance. Increase sweetener to 3% for authenticity. Age 1-3 days.


Peanut butter and strawberry jam cookie. 3 days age.


Blueberry muffin batter. Age at least 3 days. If you want it a little more complex, try adding either .2% FA Walnut, 1% CAP Vanilla Custard v1, or .25% FA Torrone.

Bright green apple with smooth tropical notes.


Fruity Pebbles with milk.


Guava-Lime candy with hints of tropical/citrus notes.

Funfetti cake with frosting.

This stuff is super weird ... and a little bit addictive. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour ... and it annihilates vaper's tongue. Shock your palette and get flavors working right again. Pretty cheap, too.

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Absolutely incredible! It's a little harsh the first day, but really comes together after the second or third day, so be sure to give it at least a couple days. The CDS isn't too overpowering and lends its pastry qualities to combine with the Cereal 27 to work in a really unique way. I never would have thought to add TFA Pie Crust to something like this, but it works so well here. I feel like it's that one flavor that changes the profile from a cinnamon cream pastry to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor we all know and love. The Toasted Marshmallow brings just enough malt to the profile to keep it from having too much of a straightforward milk/cream feeling, while providing that sticky, lingering mouthfeel I love. Rage definitely has a talent with balancing flavors to create a profile I keep coming back to, and this is going to be something I'll be making a big batch of to make sure I won't run out anytime soon. Really impressed with this recipe (if you couldn't tell).
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