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The Nanaimo bar. Chocolate, coconut and almond base, with a layer of custard and a chocolate ganache topping.

This needs some aging to really blend into what I believe to be a good representation. 14 days? Maybe more, maybe less. I forgot about the mix for a month, but was pleasantly surprised how itturned out.

A pie with apricot filling and a meringue top. Tasty by my standards, how bout yours? Try it an let me know.

FA Apple Pie is the base for the crust and INW Biscuit is there to give it a crunch.
TFA Apricot faded into obscurity after a steep so FA Apricot helps prop it up.
FA Meringue is the meringue.

I thank u/ID10-t for this recipe he gave me in the suggest a recipe thread a few months ago. Was a good peach n cream flavour. I added FA White Peach because the fruit flavour I found faded over time. The original had a weird mouthfeel to it, Can't explain it, but adding CAP Marshmallow smoothed it out and I really liked the flavour it added to the mix.

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I haven't had the original in a while but this is pretty much as I remember it. Great work! CAP SS not needed.
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