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Totally stole this from Wayne Walker yesterday.
Been dying to find a good use for the Extra Ginger, and this was it.
It makes everything feel that little bit more cooked.
Only had Fw LMP and it does a great job of masking up the clove.
Merry Christmas mixers!!!

Davinci code is a buddy of mines favourite juice. He spends a fortune on it...
...so I cloned it!
Personally I find it too strong but he says it is spot on.
I created Angels and Demons also, which is a version I much prefer.

You Choose!

Well, I don’t drink the stuff anymore but some mornings when ya feel like staying curled up in bed, nothing Vapes like a good ol’ Boozy Coffee!

Just put this one together tonight.
Really liked verve’s almond milk, but wanted that great taste smothered in a custard.
Let’s see what happens in 2 weeks.

This is my Remix of Decoded D4V1NC1 C0D3...
...part 2
It’s a pecan brûlée, so heavy custard. 7 day steep is good but 1 month is gonna make it Pop.
Please mix, all feedback is welcome.


This recipe is a twist on the amazing mixing of Jennifer Jarvis.
I copied her recipe with the flavourings I had at the time and have stuck with this since.
The percentages are very low but still produces an extremely complex and pleasant vape at every wattage I have thrown at it.
Every atty I try it on brings different notes to the surface, all of which have been delicious.
Thanks for the inspiration Jennifer.

User: Neller Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Really great recipe man, me and a friend of mine who I mix for, always have a 100ml bottle of this brewing up. I also like to sub the maple with tfa 2.5% or a combo of both. Really only played with them cause I keep running out. Great stuff
User: Neller Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Well well well, I have so many strawberry flavours from trying to find one that does not taste like dirt to me. I gave up on them for a long time and have just got bothered by them recently,sitting in my case and not being used. I decided to give them one last go before chucking them out when I stumbled upon this recipe. I get a warm, but not toasted, malted strawberry marshmallow straight off the shake with this mix. Well done man, think I might just use this as a new marshmallow base. Can't wait to try throwing some other fruits at this.
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