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Ooey, gooey, smooth, fruity, tropical candy goodness. Snv/adv certified with an awesome mouth feel.

If you like the original Lava Flow then you'll love this. A sweet strawberry, pineapple, coconut vape sure to put the original to rest!


Strawberry and cream overdone? Maybe but, heres my version. I have spent a very long time messing with strawberrys and creams trying to find the perfect mix without success. Until now!

I already new the strawberries to use together to get the job done. FA Red Touch/JF Sweet Strawberry/INW Shisha Strawberry. There isnt a better combo out there for the best strawberry flavor.

The problem I had was with the creams. I already new that LB Vienna cream was going to be the main cream, I could tell just by the smell of it. Being mainly a fruity flavor ejuice lover I was at a loss as to what would work well together with it. I ended up with the choices I made based on a cooking show I was watching. It was a baking show and these kids were baking cakes and one was using fresh cream and buttercream frosting and I thought, bingo!! I added Sweet Cream to lighten it up with some sweetness and the Buttercream Frosting to add some smoothness to the mix.

At this point I liked the mix but, felt it was missing some texture and body. I wanted a slightly thick bodied cheesecake flavor to it so, in went the Yes, We Cheescake and bang!! Creme De Strawberry was born.

Hope you enjoy. Please leave a review if you decide to mix this up.

Smooth, full bodied and tropical, just the way I like it.

Another tropical vape with a citrus bite to it! Took some ingredients and just slapped them together and it worked. It seems to be my go to move to create a good juice. Hope you enjoy!

In the midst of my boredom during my self isolation I wanted a candy vape that somewhat reminded me of Chews candy. Why? I have no idea why. It was just something I was craving so, I created this! Threw some ingredients together and it came out pretty damn good for the first mix of it. Give it a shot and see if you enjoy it!

More tropical themed ejuice. Inhale and close your eyes and imagine sitting on the white sand gazing into the horizon upon a Mexican sunset reflecting back at you from the rippling water.

A must mix tropical vape. This flavor will bring you straight to a tropical beach with white sand , crystal blue water and a warm breeze blowing through your hair. This was one of my first completed successful recipes and still my favorite one. It's a ADV that you wont be able to get enough of.

Smooth, white coconut flesh with a sweet, juicy pineapple bite wrapped in a red strawberry dress. Enjoy this strawberry pina colada vape!

Derived from ID10-T's 1 2 3 Ocean Water I have created this delicious fizzy peach drink vape! Enjoy. All credit goes to ID10-T and his Lemon Lime/Fizzy sherbet combo.

User: NOVITEC Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is really good stuff
User: NOVITEC Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This recipe is bomb! Nice work.
User: NOVITEC Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I actually specifically ordered the ingredients I was missing for this recipe because it looked interesting. A good call on my part because this is a VERY good recipe! Well done.
User: NOVITEC Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
Fantastic job on this recipe. This is really tasty!
User: NOVITEC Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Bomb recipe. Had to sub CAP Rainbow Candy for FW Rainbow Candy but, this is very tasty
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