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Hello Summer!! So way back I vaped NAKED Green Blast and all I tasted was Honeydew. Like most commercial juice it left a lot to be desired. After looking at the profile I was inspired to come up with something that I think is completely refreshing, unique, and a rad balanced green leitmotif. Some say it tastes like the Airheads Mystery flavor. I just think it's delicious.

TFA Cucumber is just a fun flavor that I think doesn't get the attention it deserves. I really haven't been much for melon vapes but I dig this flavor. I find it brings a melon like flavor that is as cucumber refreshing as it is different. This stuff is pretty strong and the front man at 2.75%. No subs are possible here.

FA Kiwi at 1% and FW Kiwi at 2% was the preferred candy to realistic juicy kiwi balance I liked the best. If you only have FA go 2%. If you only have FW go 4%. Either of these will turn out tasty without completely butchering the concoction so have at it. Although, I think they are both great concentrates and worth owning.

FA Apple Fuji adds a great crisp apple to pretty much complete the main popping green fruit trifecta at 2.5%. JF and Cap probably work here at an equivalent strength but personally, I never felt the need to try them so YMMV.

FA Pear at .5% is just here to add some sweet juicy love without being intrusive on the overall pop of the profile while maintaining the all green motif.

Although I like this fruit profile alone... adding FW Yogurt just completes it and gives this an amazing finish. At 3.75% the fruits still pop but that finish is just too lovely to go without.

Options: As always, sweeten to your liking. Cap SS is my preferred sweetener depending on the mood at .2-.3%. You can use 2x more FW Sweetener to equal it. I don't recommend TFA because of the added maltol. I add my 10% PG Erythritol solution at 1.5% because I like what it brings to the fruit and the cream. For all you cool heads add some WS-23 if that is your gig.

Buck NAKED on a Big Wheel and feel the breeze... You're buck NAKED on a Big Wheel but it's no Green Machine!

User: NIL8 Score: None Entered: 12 months ago
I specifically made this as my FA Fig Fresh single test since I am super familiar with the other ingredients. I had a feeling the amount of Custard and Creme Brulee were high for the concentration of Fig Fresh. Turns out, The balance for me is better with a third less Custard(2%) and Creme Brulee(1%) which helps the Fig from getting so lost. Overall, the flavor was good and a change from the typical fruity custard types.
User: NIL8 Score: 5 Entered: 12 months ago
Apologies, I'm just now getting around to reviewing this. This is excellent! I agree TFA Meringue is better in a cereal than the FA counterpart. Although still delicious if others only have FA to sub. Crazy close this recipe is to my remix of The One: Apple Cinnamon by Beard Vape Co. and a variation of this is adding cinnamon. I like a drop of Rich Cinnamon to a 60ml but I'm sure a drop per 30ml would be loved by many. If you like that juice... add cinnamon and this is a cleaner, smoother, and overall way better version IMO.
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