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I wanted something other than a strawberry cream. I wanted a next dimension. FW Coconut Cream Pie did the trick. Everybody gets bored with flavors, this is what I always go to when I hate everything else. 5-7 Day Steep

This was the first recipe I wanted to make when I got into mixing a couple years ago and it's seen many iterations since then. This one is the current version and I'm pretty happy with it which is why I chose it as my first official upload on here. This flavor is good as a shake and vape but really seems to shine after 3 days. The Shisha Strawberry percentage may seem a tad high but it does good work in combination with all the other fruits in the mix. The TPA Graham Crust/Graham Cracker Clear and FA Almond are the closest I've been able to get to a granola so far. I truly hate TPA Oatmeal Cookie and Rice Crunchies so this is what I'm using until I find something that works better.

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