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A simple lychee smoothie with a hint of vanilla ice cream and banana to make a natural and sweet flavor to your smoothie

This recipe is formulated to be high level of proplyne so i mix it with 80/20 vg/pg to reduce that.

BILLECART-SALMON, a sparkling champagne flavour is out here with a hint of juicy apple and ice

Mix it on 75/25 vg/pg

Here's my favourite glazed donuts recipe .. full of rich and intense feeling of every flavour on it, try it in a small amount and tell me your feedback on it ..

mix it on 70/30 vg/pg
It's worth the wait ..

I named this recipe with " journey " cause it takes you to another world after every puff you'll take, this is the closest taste to chocolate cookies full of creams and vanilla and it was soo natural like the one you eat at home

Mix it on 75/25 vg/pg and after steeping open it for 30 minutes

And don't forget to tell me your feedback after you try it .

NOVEMBER RAIN ... a rich cinnamon roll for all cinammon lovers

If you not a cinnamon fan you can remove the cinamon roll from FW and make tye cinammon danish swirl up to 5%

Mix it with 70/30 vg/pg

MARIGOLD .. a shining and a new banana ice cream flavour, it will brings you back to your childhood memories

Mix it with 70-30 vg/pg
Ws-23 here is optional so you can remove it .

PEREZ CARILLO ... it's a real sweet and smokey cigar with a hint of oak wood, my friend told me to try it and i was surprised ..

Grap a cup of coffee and enjoy the rich and real flavour of this cigar

Mix it on 50/50 vg/pg

It will take a long time to reach the real flavour for about 45 days or more, but it worth the wait

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This is the best chocolate cookies i have ever taste
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