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Ever wanted to vape on a creaming soda float? Well now you can...
For me it's just right as is but you can add up to 1% Super Sweet if that's your thing.
SNV but best after 5 days steep.

A nice, light and subtle Pistachio & White Chocolate Ice Cream.
Pistachio and white chocolate are a match made in heaven and the VT Pistachio is up there with the best. The FA Marshmallow adds a tiny bit of sweetness and fluffs up the VBIC nicely. The WS-23 adds a bit of cooling but not too much, adjust to your preference.

This was a request from a family member who wanted a "girly" vape. The RF Champagne is definitely the hero in this recipe - it is just so true to life. The Passion Fruit and Strawberry are very subtle but still break through...

I made this recipe to mimic Big Red Gum but it turned out just like Hot Tomales - FTW! TPA Cinnamon Red Hot can be increased or decreased to suit. For me, at 8% it is pretty hot and just the way I like it. INW Cactus provides the nice wet mouth feel that you would expect when chewing on the real thing.

Originally titled "Banana Malted Milkshake" but renamed to Real Banana Smoothie so as not to give any misconceptions. This is not like a milkshake from a milk bar - it tastes just like a real banana smoothie that you would make at home with earthy undertones and a thick mouth feel.

Based on Boss Reserve Clone Remix - I subbed the FLV Milk and Honey for TPA Malted Milk and increased both the Malted Milk and Banana Cream by 1% for a bolder flavor profile.

User: Muscles Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
Very nice and subtle flavoring. I'm not overly familiar with Oreos but this to me tastes like cookies and cream ice cream flavor. Add some Koolada and it would be.
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