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Steep time: 1 week.
So after 12 recipes I think this is the one I'll submit. The idea with this recipe is to really focus on the apple and the spice. JF Fuji and 1.5% gives a solid apple flavors that doesn't overpower the recipe and TPA Strawberry ripe adds some sweetness to the apple to really balance out the tart and spice notes.
FW Hazelnut adds a bit of a malty/nutty/buttery flavor that blends well with the bakery aspects of the recipe. CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl serves two purposes in this recipe, first it provides the cinnamon for the spice layer, and second it provides a kind of dry bakery note to serve as a base. The CAP Sugar Cookie really just works on this bakery base to help it be a little more buttery and fluffy while sweetening up the recipe as well. Lastly the FA Cardamom is the secret ingredient in the recipe. It really helps nail the fall spice flavor and perfectly works with the cinnamon and apple while also balancing out the pastry elements.

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Steep Time: 3 Days.
So this recipe is my pride and joy. If you like absinthe mix this up, and if you think you don't like absinthe mix this up. I have had a ton of people try out this recipe for me as I've worked on it and even people who normally dislike absinthe enjoy this recipe. Simply put, DV Absinthe is in a completely different landscape than TPA Absinthe. TPA's version is very heavy on the anise note to the point that it overtakes a recipe, which can be good for an anisehead like myself but leads to most people disliking it. DV Absinthe has that anise note but that's only one part of it. It has a nice herbal blend of flavors that avoids being purfumy or overpowering which adds something special to a mix. While I won't go into too much detail on the other flavors in the recipe, the main goal was to make a citrus fruit and absinthe cocktail. The lemon, lime, and Mandarin combine into a nice citrus base that isn't overpowering or too harsh while also not focusing on one particular citrus flavor. The Kiwi provides a little tang and helps pop the mix a bit. The Pink Guava acts as the most noticeable fruit in the mix even at this low of a percentage. If you are sensitive to it drop it to .25% which one of my friends prefers but I like it at .4% personally. It gives a very solid Grapefruit flavor that helps with that sour/tangy note and also works to balance out the sweetness in the recipe. The Spearmint Koolada combination adds a sweet minty flavor that blends with the herbal notes while not being too overpowering on the fruits. Lastly the stevia really is the best sweetener for this recipe. Stevia has a bit of a bitter/herbal taste in its sweetness that normally is an off note, but in this recipe it really works with the absinthe and the pink guava. Overall this is a recipe I can vape for weeks without getting tired of and I would love to hear what everyone thinks.


A refreshing summer mix of melons and mint. Feel free to adjust the spearmint and koolada to your personal preferences.

User: MrColtux Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Tested after a weeks steep, and it was good but not great, but after a month and a half this shit is amazing. So thick and creamy, and leaves an almost gooey/waxy mouth feel. Very, very good.
User: MrColtux Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Wonderful recipe! I introduced Runt to DV Absinthe and was rewarded with this recipe he created. If you are weary of absinthe/anise give it a try, I'm sure you will enjoy it I have had many friends try and love this recipe.
User: MrColtux Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Really interesting recipe. I will definately be using cardamom in more recipes because of how well it works in this recipe. It's very Christmas-y and I would recommend everyone to give this a shot.
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