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This was my first venture into tobaccos - a custardy, subtly spicy cream that isn't as cloying as straight up custard, with tobacco as a fun element (this is my main theme with most of my liquids, authenticity matters fuck all if you can't vape more than 1ml a day of it because you wanna throw up).

The custard part:
CAP Vanilla custard: @4% its exactly the right balance between heavy vanilla custard without going into wall cement territory. The backbone of this recipe, as expected.
INW Creme Brulee : at 1% it imparts caramely note to the custard, which in turn plays really well with Soho and Catalan Cream. Also contributes to the custardy main note.
FA Catalan Cream: I went to this recipe with Catalan Cream in mind - it's a zingy citrusy cream with subtle spice notes (nutmeg/cinnamon? Can't fucking tell exactly) at this percentage. I try to limit my recipes to 6 ingredients, and catalan cream is a nice all-encompassing flavor for the notes I wanted to hit.
FLV Milk & Honey: I felt the finished product was lacking without this. It provides another caramely hint with some dairy creaminess, and a really nice way to add depth and sweeten up the recipe without muddling up the profile.

INW Biscuit: Good ol' buddy. Butter part plays along with the custard part rather well, while the AP in it further accentuates the Soho.
FA Soho: The soul of this recipe. It's a more amicable version of RY4 double - less sharp caramel, more woody and nutty, almost zero leaf. The very light caramel is boosted by Milk & Honey and Creme Brulee - nuttiness of Soho is builded upon with biscuit.

All in all, I feel like this one is a winner - every ingredients plays along really well with the others. Unfortunately, this isn't really a shake and vape - you can of course shake and vape it, but the least time you should wait before touching it is 3 days, really starts to come together after 7.
Sayonara bitches!


A fruit medley that made love on top of a hazelnut and banana cream.

One of my first recipes I was content with, that dates around a year ago. Since then it's has been my girlfriend's ADV and I tried fucking around with it and changing it up, but it has never been as good as this revision. It wasn't created with any particular food in mind, although I have been told that it smells and somewhat tastes like an apple and raspberry granola bar, it's an abstract recipe that was created by having my girlfriend pick up two flavorings and creating a recipe based around it.


The thing that is definitely up front and carries over entire vape is Fuji that is accentuated with lime and raspberry. TPA Banana Cream forms a solid base on its own (pretty much alone), together with nuttiness provided by FA Hazelnut, while Torrone binds it really nicely to the fruits and plays along the lime. I would probably call this my best recipe to date.
It can be enjoyed as a shake and vape, but it really needs some time for the fruits to somewhat calm down. I'd say it's pretty near it's full potential after 3 days steep, and straight up amazing after a week. Bold, bright yet not cloying.

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