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This vapor will bring back memories of elementary school lunch snickerdoodie cookie


Blueberry × Blue raspberry x Bilberry ÷ Custard = tasty vape nummy in da tummy


This is a reproduction of an excellent drink we found in South Korea. This has a real banana flavor, not like a Nestlé milk drink.

This is a dark tobacco with notes of vanilla and caramel...

Close your eyes, lay back, and take in the ocean breeze as you enjoy this topical vape

A sweet yet tantalizing drink from an oasis in a lost desert...


A good recreation of my mom's favorite popsicle. An artificial yet sweet orange with a creamy soft serve ice cream in the middle.

Cherry milk I don't like strawberrys
The base is the VBIC ,Vanilla swirl and partly marshmallow I also used it as a sweetener. I added the strawberry an lemon to enhance the cherries


A mouth watering pear custard,that is full and bold in its flavors. It is a must on the 2 week steep, the cream fresh needs time to mellow.

This is my reproduction of the Key Lime Woody was eatting in Natural Born Killers, this pie has the perfect tartness and a great crust

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