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Something a little different from a normal Peaches&Cream. At first I was simply trying to do a peaches and cream with a little basil, but it wasn't working out how I wanted. Adding a little CAP Cucumber really brought the basil to where I wanted it. Then the peaches weren't coming out right, so a little lemon and strawberry kicked the recipe into gear. To lay a nice foundation I went with a simple Greek Yogurt and Vanilla, which I like because it doesn't distract too much from the main players in the recipe.

A nice blend of Fig and Tobacco with a little cream and spices from Catalan Cream.

The Ancient Greeks had a problem with representing zero. They understood the concept, but philosophically and religiously had issues with it. They questioned, “how can nothing be something?” This philosophical paradox lead many Greeks to not supporting the idea of representing zero as an actual value. Then in 130 AD Ptolemy used a symbol for zero in his work Almagest, which was on mathematical astronomy. This was called the Hellenistic zero and was used by itself, not just a placeholder. This zero, however, was not used in arithmetic and other areas of mathematics like it is today.

To find a zero that is more common to the uses of today we need to look into 7th century India. Before zero became used as an integer, arithmetic was struggling. Some problems that faced everyday life were much more difficult to calculate. Indians were using words to describe “nothing” such as “void”, “sky”, and “space” (translated into English). Then in 628 AD the Indian mathematician Brahmagupta came up with a solution. He introduced a set of rules for this nothing number. He described it as, “when zero is added to a number or subtracted from a number, the number remains unchanged. A number multiplied by zero becomes zero”. This was the first concrete application of zero as a number and not as a place holder. Brahmagupta did make a mistake though. He thought that one divided by zero would produce zero.

Brahmagupta was also a savvy business man. He went with this concept of zero and came up with what he called “debt”, which he described as the opposite of property. With this concept of debt he thought up what we would call now as negative numbers. Before this idea, there was no way to subtract a larger number from a smaller number. The thought was that this would produce a meaningless value or at best nothing. Brahmagupta’s idea of debt gave him more insight to things such as subtracting a debt from zero will produce a fortune, or a positive value. Brahmagupta’s work with zero also lead him to discover that quadratic equations had two solutions, which also lead to Brahmagupta looking at quadratic equations with multiple variables.

This is my banana cream pie recipe.

This was a tricky one, I've been working on it on and off for about a year and could never seem to get it where I wanted it. After trying out tons of bananas, my first hit was with TFA Banana Cream. If this flavor was stronger, my banana quest would be over, but it took many failed attempts with crap banana flavorings to get it right. Finally, recently I picked up LA Banana Cream. While I think TFA is better overall, LA adds what TFA is missing on its own.

I wanted to focus on the filling of the pie with this recipe more than the crust, so I added some heavy hitter creams like FLV Cream and CAP Vanilla Custard. Had I stopped here the pie would have been a lot thicker, like a custard or pudding. That's where the CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream comes in, to help lighten up the creams and create more of a cream pie feel.
Lastly was the crust. I wanted a light graham crust to keep the focus on the filling. So I went with TFA Graham Cracker clear, INW Biscuit, and a touch of FA Almond to create a nice bright crust.

A strawberry cream infused with rose petals. A little sweet, a little tart, all orgasmic. Bring a fresh pair underwear when vaping this one.

"The father of Geometry", Euclid was a Greek mathematician most known for his work "Elements" which covers a series of proofs in Geometry. He also made wondrous strides in number theory, such as Euclid's Theorem that states, "There exists infinitely man prime numbers". Euclid is debatably the most influential mathematician of all time and continues to be so to this day.

This is a blueberry cheesecake recipe. I wanted to create more of a cheesecake with a blueberry syrup, rather than a blueberry infused cheesecake that is often what I've seen. This is done by using CAP blueberry jam and Quince. Both have a "wetness" to them that creates the effect of a liquid blueberry. The cheesecake is comprised of NY Cheesecake and Cream Cheese Icing. For the crust I went with a combination of FW Graham Cracker and INW Biscuit to keep it from being too bitter.

Has a good base layer of vanilla ice cream with a chocolate side note and a mixture of strawberries and strawberry syrup. I tried to make each layer of the ice cream noticeable and I feel that it works in this recipe.

check out the video for this recipe here: https://youtu.be/EjwW7BQDSrk

Cucumber melon, there's a bunch of recipes for it and this is mine. I really enjoy it in the summertime. A good sweet and refreshing vape.

A blast of freedom with slight back notes of oppression. One to blow in the face of communists and terrorists. Now you can be the douche bag of the globe, blowing your unnecessary clouds of freedom in the faces of our foes.

In all seriousness, this is a sweet apple pie, topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. A delicious rich vape that will have your sweet tooth quivering. Enjoy!


Check out the video for this recipe here: https://youtu.be/Zg4QsmCV1yU

This is a nice sweet strawberry shortcake and vanilla ice cream.

Sweet Strawberry/Strawberry Ripe
An obvious, but tried and true strawberry duo. I added a little more sweet strawberry to keep this recipe more on the dessert side. It's the main profile playing in the recipe, upfront and the initial flavor of the vape.

Sugar Cookie/Biscuit
This is the shortbread cookie part of the recipe. Both of these flavors have a buttery note that pairs excellent with strawberry. The Biscuit really helps add some texture to the recipe, while the sugar cookie is most of flavor profile.

VBIC/Bavarian Cream
This is the ice cream portion of the recipe. Based more around the VBIC, but Bavarian cream helps with sweetness and mouth feel. The cream notes are full and rich. Having the heavy creams rounds out the recipe, giving more saturation and richness.

Hope you guys enjoy! Please rate and comment, tell me what you think even if it's a con.


Don't think Apple Jacks with this one. It's more of a cornflakes cereal with chopped apples and a little sugar sprinkled on top. Very refreshing and bright.
The recipe is based around cereal 27 and Fuji. Cereal 27 is similar to frosted flakes, but not nearly as sweet. INW Pear is there to make the apple more authentic, bring some juiciness to create the apple chunks rather than an apple flavored cereal. The creams all play together to create the milk base. Cream Fresh is really what does it, but meringue gives it more of a milk flavor and vienna cream brings it more to the cereal milk side. The sweetner isn't completely necessary or could be taken down, it doesn't make the vape sickly sweet, but helps to brighten up the whole recipe in my opinion.

User: MopHead Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Awesome recipe man, I vaped through this like no tomorrow.
User: MopHead Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
User: MopHead Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
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