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Decided to try mixing a milt tart from scratch again, test V1, lets see how it turns out.


Raspberry jelly with custard, perfect after dinner treat.

Cap Vanilla Custard doing its usual wonders adding the thick eggy base. Feel free to increase this to suit your taste
Cap 27 Fish for the jelly note, bring sweetness and a slight tartness.
LA Raspberry carries over the artificial raspberry note
INW Creme Brulee adding to the custard notes

My first go at this profile, please feel free at add comments

Old favourite of strawberry milk, testing out some new concentrates

Deep fried ice cream balls covered in a crispy batter

Simple bananas, ice cream with a light dusting of crushed hazelnuts.

Been working a on a Twinkie recipe for a while, decided to start from scratch again and build on this.

Will update my findings after a good steep and add some flavour notes

Traditional South African dessert, minty biscuit undertones and lots of sweet caramel

Zoo biscuit - a thick icing crusted biscuit, ligth brown outside with an off white inside. The icing is very sweet with a slight lemon undertone. When mixing this recipe it brought back all kinds of nostalgia, speifically licking off the animal icing figures.

JF Biscuit and Cap Sugar Cookie work wonders together in creating the correct biscuit profile, with INW Biscuit used to add depth and give the baked effect on the outside. TFA cheesecake graham crust is used to add a litte more depth to the biscuit base and gives a slight wafer hint.

FLV Frosting and LA Cream cheese icing work to create the hard icing on top of the biscuit, carrying the bulk of the sweetness.

FW Fruit Flakes is extremely strong, Less is more in this scenario, Too much and you will end up a fruitloops biscuit. You could proably get away with subbing it out for FW Fruit rings or TFA Fruit circles at around 0.5%, but I found FW Fruit Flakes just does the job right.

Some slight edits:
TFA Lucky Leprechaun adds a slightly malty flavour while carrying very light fruit loop non lemony notes.

Ethyl Maltol, my think here is the recipe needs some rounding off, especially to keep the lemony notes in check and bring a little balance to the biscuit.

Tastes great as a SnV but 2 weeks will only do the mix justice.


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