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Salted caramel really makes the recipe and fw butterscotch adds a smooth delicious almost shortbread .

In honour of Emperor trump and his new world order I've created the ultimate grape vape . All other grape vapes are Fake but this is guaranteed to grab you by the pussy !

Wonder flavours sweet and sour purple is awesome but it fades quickly there's no actual sour effect that I can detect but the sweetness is perfect so I added FW grape soda to try to prolong and boost the overall purpleness ? it's ok but I felt a bit harsh so after a couple of trials I settled on oba oba to smooth out and twist the grape flavour slightly .
Inw cactus had to go in there because it's just perfect with just about any fruits I've mixed and then just a tad of sweetener to again help any fading .

it's better as a shake and vape but I'm still loving it a month + after originally mixing it .


I've been looking for a really good gingerbread or a yorkshire parkin for a long time and anything i created or mixed came up short so i was at a car boot sale (yard sale for americans ? ) and a tramp (hobo) offered me a time machine for a hit on my xcube 2 ( i know too many brackets right ? apparently an xcube 2 looks like a crack pipe to an addict with a time machine ) Anyway ive been f'd over many times when it comes to time machines but i had a day's holiday the next day so i thought whatever .

I set the time machine to 1000 years in the future but it looked pretty grim (lots of brackets ) so 2000 years i wen......t to the land of the crab people , now i know what your gonna say " I fucking knew it !! crab people were gonna take over one day !! and yes they do rule the world 2000 years in the future and humans are extinct but you've got to admit we are massive knobheads (dickheads) so its no great surprise .. anyway lucky for me the crab people are big vape fiends and lovers of gingerbread(and brackets )
and with my four fingers and thumb i soon proved myself to be a valuable member of their society with their war against the lobster people and all ...

so they were good enough to give me theses notes

Capella Gingerbread - The best of all ginger flavours surely ? not perfect but undeniably gingerbread

FA - Metaphor - I really think this is stupidly underrated ! at low percentages it makes an amazing lemon icing and higher percentages airy cakes .

DFS - Holy Vanilla - Really is worth the hype , so creamy and tasty at any percentage .

Cap - Yellow Cake - Wasn't expecting much from this at all but it really is a cake changer for me , delicious doughy cake without black coils ....

Cap - Horchata - I ordered this randomly not knowing what it actually was but i knew i was gonna like it and even at this low percent and been totally out of place i really think it adds something to this recipe .

Crab people rule !!!!

User: Mongoman Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Love this ! Usually vape a butterscotch cookie so this great to add in rotation .I did replace cap VC with TfA butter just because I seem to be the only guy who didn't like it and butter is my personal favourite ingredient .
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