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I love harvest berry such a unique flavor. Just simply delicious.

Simple and delicious. If you like sweet grape flavors. You'll love this.

Just a simple, well balanced candy banana strawberry. Tastes like If you took banana runts and strawberry syrup and mixed it in a blender. Super tasty.


When i first starting vaping 5 years ago. I tried a honey blueberry flavor that i fell in love with, its the flavor that kept me from going back to cigs. I've been trying recreate it ever sense. The combo of FLV Milk And Honey and FW blueberry is crazy good. Hope everybody enjoys!

I know im alittle late for #remixmonth, but here is my contribution. This used to be my favorite juice but it's super expensive. It comes really close to the original in my opinion. All comments are welcome.

Remember those candy sticks you diped in the candy power. Well this is the blue power. All comments welcome. Enjoy.

I've been working on this for months. My best description is grape hubba bubba gum. It had to find a good grape combo. These grapes work well together. Comments are welcome.

This is my 6th version. Just a simple but delicious recipe. Chunky strawberry syrup over vanilla ice cream. I know the percentage on the shisha strawberry is high but it really works well.

Just a simple orange creamsicle. Enjoy! All feedback is welcome.

Just a sweet and tart raspberry lemonade. If it's to tart for you take the raspberry down to 1%.

User: Moggle33 Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Never had the original. But this stuff is really good, after a 7 day steep. Thanks for this recipe
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