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Delicious Vape. Very smooth, creamy and nutty with a touch of cereal grain. Goes great with a cup of coffee. Best with a long steep around a month because of the custard. Hope you enjoy.

Vape Train Dark Chocolate is pretty spot on so i decided to make a Mounds Candy Bar. For the coconut i went with TPA Coconut Candy and a little Coconut Extra and added in a little Bavarian Cream to add some mouthfeel. This recipe turned out really well after a weeks steep

Been wanting a Tigers Blood vape so i mixed one up using the flavors i had on hand. It was really good but i adjusted the percentages and this is my final version that i have been enjoying alot lately. You can adjust the sweetener and WS-23 to your liking or substitute using other sweeteners or cooling effect flavors. I also gave it a 4 day steep just so the flavors could meld a little. Hope you enjoy.


To me this taste just like the grape Bazooka Joe bubble gum I remember from when I was a kid. Its flat out delicious. Flavorah Grape is perfect for this recipe and I don't think you can substitute it without changing the entire dynamic of the recipe. I use 2 percent Flavorah Bubble Gum and 1 percent Inw Bubble Gum YC and it makes a less dry bubble gum than if I were to use Flavorah alone. I added half a percent of FA Marshmallow to give this some extra mouthfeel and body and .35 percent Cap Super Sweet to push teh grape and bubble gum flavors up another knotch. I didnt try it as a SnV, I let it steep 4 days before trying but it may be good off the shake as well. If you give this a try I hope you enjoy it as much as I am right now.

Inw Malina Raspberry and TFA Sweet Raspberry make a really nice raspberry base for this recipe. FA Coconut at 2 percent to push the coconut note in the Pur Toasted Coconut Cheesecake (which is an excellent cheesecake). Caps NY Cheesecake and Custard V1 to give some extra body and mouthfeel. Add sweetener to your own preference. i mixed this and tossed it in my steep box but didnt get around to it for 3 weeks. It is very good. If i make any change at all i may push the coconut a tad more. I may order coconut candy or some other sweet coconut for this in the future.

Ive edited this recipe a little....i dropped FA Coconut to 1 percent and added 1 percent of TFA Coconut Candy. I love this version better. It tastes so good, its my current ADV.

I've been working on this recipe along with a V2.0 for a few months. This V1.0 is the french vanilla version that I finally have right where I like it. Delicious french vanilla milkshake. I put in the Biscuit and Bavarian Cream to add a little texture and mouthfeel. The LB VIC is my go to and fave ice cream flavoring. the custard and swirl give some extra body and vanilla goodness to this recipe....and its topped off with Vanilla Whipped Cream which is always delicious. The 2 percent of French Vanilla Deluxe adds just the right amount to push this in the direction of a french vanilla milkshake. I like sweet vapes so 1 percent sweetener I have in it but you can leave out if its not your thing or you can add a little WS-23 or Koolada if you want a cold milkshake vape. I've found this needs at least a 2 week steep. Hope you enjoy.

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