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Surprisingly delicious cherry cola bottle gummy. The fusion of cola gummy candy and flv's new cola is surprisingly delightful. Tart cherry by cap and black cherry by TFA make a slightly syrupy, non-medical cherry that completes the synergy. Vanilla marshmallow by flv is great for a little extra mouthfeel and to give that coke some much needed vanilla.

This was a pretty close attempt at an authentic yellow Mango, more along the lines of Cush Man by Nasty. The HC mango is actually Malaysia Mango by Health Cabin.
It's a spicy, meaty, and overall perfectly pungent yellow mango. Cream soda is actually soda base by rf sc.

This is an adaptation of Vin's Vanilla Cookies" that was adapted from Chrisdvr1's " sugar cookies and cream." I have merely added a strawberry combination to the recipe which takes it from an incredible vanilla cookie straight to an out-of-this-world strawberry sugar cookie. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS COOKIE LOVERS. This reminds me so much of those Lofthouse cookies you buy at the grocery store. You know, the ones that are super soft and thick, with the extra layer soft icing on top. Enjoy!!! Big props to Vdevil, and Chrisdvr1.


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