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I based the idea for this after trying the recipe by Fomentlife Apple Bourbon Bread Pudding which is absolutely delicious. I just wanted a traditional bread pudding with raisins and a butter rum glaze drizzled over the top.
For the base of the bread pudding I have to say thank you to Formet
life for the idea to use FE French Toast (Xpress Flavour @ Chefs)it was genius idea, it is almost good enough to vape on its own but makes for a great bread base in this recipe. The addition of FLV Egg Nog also fits perfectly, the egg based cream and spices including cinnamon and nutmeg fit right into a bread pudding recipe. My choice of additions are FA Custard Premium to add more of a creamy texture. VTA Pudding base to add a bit more of a simple bread note. The FLV Raisin Rum is optional but to me it isn't a bread pudding without raisins and the rum aids in the butter rum glaze. The FA Zeppola is to add a bit of a cooked almost crispy edge to the bread pudding.
And now for the coup de gras or finishing touch the Butter Rum glaze covering the top. LA Butter Rum is really amazing though it does require a few days to allow the alcohol note to evaporate. And when you add the butter rum to the LA Cream Cheese Icing and a touch of sweetener, oh my it's just heavenly. Again this will require at least 14 days min to allow for the Raisin Rum and Butter Rum to lose some of the alcohol notes. And the other flavors to blend as well. Though it is well worth the wait.

I created this to challenge myself that Developed's Samoa Sammies could in fact be remixed. And I must say pretty well in fact. Samoan Dream are chocolate, shortbread cookie, with caramel and coconut, almost everything Developed used to create the cookie part of Samoa Sammies. I included the butter base just because well it's Butter Base.
The use of VTA Toffee Ice cream and LB vanilla ice cream made for an amazing ice cream that complimented the cookie part of the original recipe really well.

Just the creation of a simple Vanilla Latte. A deep dark espresso roast coffee blended with steamed sweet milk and infused with a hefty dose of vanilla.

I started this with my absolute favorite coffee flavor VTA Cafe Latte which is just an amazing rich cup of coffee with cream. Then to push the coffee into an espresso I added FA Espresso (Dark Bean). I added VTA Coffee Milk Froth because to me it's just a silky smooth steamed milk that helps make this really creamy and smooth. For the vanilla I choose to use Vanilla Overload because it's just a heavenly vanilla mix. I really don't know why I tossed in JF Cookie but it's so good I wanna put it in everything. Wf Whipped Cream with FlV Sweetness top this off.

A remix of the Developed classic Creme Brulee donut.
In order to give this more donut feel I dropped the VT Croissant and upped the WF Glazed Donut and replaced the croissant with WF Fluffy White Cake to give the donut more fluff. I added FA Zeppola to finish the donut with a fried flavor. Then because the VT Creme Brulee has a custard already in it I added TFA Bavarian cream to help fill out the custard. For the top layer glaze I added VT Scorched Caramel to add to the burnt sugar effect on top of the donut. I changed the sweetener to Fw because it is more fitting in a bakery recipe.

I remixed this just for Folkart so he can have his cookies and cream milkshake.

Going for a really Evil classic Peanut Butter Cookie. So I took the already great cookie base from Diablo cookies and added peanut butter and butter base and even more peanut. I like chunks of peanut in my cookies so I'm using VTA peanut with Dx peanut butter to make a chunky Peanut Butter rather than smooth. Butter base helps keep the cookie soft and Acetyl Pyrazine adds a boost of nuttiness to the cookie & peanut. oh course you can sub TFA Acetyl Pyrazine they are not that different, but it has to be VTA Peanut. FA Peanut just doesn't have the same affect.

FM Custard Tobacco is actually VTA Custard Tobacco.
This is one of my favorite tobacco recipes. Nothing makes a pipe tobacco come alive like Apple.
I started with my favorite Ry4 type VTA
Custard Tobacco and added INW Classic for Pipe Black together they make the perfect creamy tobacco base. Then by adding a bit of Cap Cinnamon Danish Swirl and WF Caramel Butter they add depth to the flavor and pair really well with the tobacco and apples. For the apples I wanted a cooked apple and a cider apple which is why I used PUR Country Apple and FLV Apple. I like to use TPA Sweetener with WF Molasses in this tobacco recipe because it adds a light sweetness and adds darker notes to the tobaccos. It is a deep tobacco so give it at least 21 days to steep.

A remix of the classic VCT Private Reserve by Ripe Vape's. Its a creamy vanilla custard infused with Kentucky Bourbon and rich and bold tobacco notes .

Yes this is an extended version of Developed's Morning Mocha with a boost to the chocolate notes using VTA Dark Chocolate, and a splash of SSA Raspberry Syrup and VT Red Soft Candy (Raspberry Gummy). Then I felt that the original did not have enough of a coffee presence so I added a bit of VTA Cafe Latte to help bring out more coffee notes.

This is my take on a Guinness Nitro Cold Brew. A thick creamy Guinness styled beer with notes of caramel coffee and chocolate. The original actually has a burnt coffee taste with light caramel and mocha. With the beer notes coming in after. I wanted to use a good creamy coffee flavor with more caramel and mocha. And a full beer flavor coming though on the exhale.
For the Beer I'm using HS Beer with FLV Yakima Hops. To add the caramel and coffee note I used PUR Caramel Coffee W/Sweet Milk because it is nice and creamy. Along with VT Caramel Mocha and VT Devon Cream for the extra caramel and creamy chocolate mocha notes. To enhance, sweeten and darken the caramel and beer flavors I'm using WF Molasses and FLV Sweetness. Then for the finishing touch VT Coffee Milk Froth because when it steeps it becomes really silky smooth and airy and gives the effect of being nitro brewed and gives thr effect of a nice frothy head on the beer.🍻 Cheers!!!

User: McDuckie Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
This is the best Key Lime Pie I've ever mixed. I did lower the Key Lime and Key Lime Pie slightly. This recipe has a nice tangy and refreshing creamy key lime flavor. Just perfection!!!!
User: McDuckie Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
Five shiny stars NaChef I just pulled this out after a month. Really really good the apple was a slight bit on the weak side. The Cinnamon roll with the Bourbon and Ry4 Double is very good though. I may try Pur Country Apple in another batch. Excellent Job my friend.
User: McDuckie Score: 1 Entered: 3 months ago
Description doesn't match the ingredients used doesn't mention FLV Greek yogurt. I want to mix it it up but unsure about the ingredients used.
User: McDuckie Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Very good recipe!!! It got a good silky chocolate note followed by a rich caramel. Definitely worth mixing again.
User: McDuckie Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
Wow is all I can say about this. The flavor is a rich Apple infused Bourbon Cream. I did add FLV Caramel. The Milk and Honey and Ice Cream work so well with the caramel to create a smooth brown sugary cream to blend the Apple's and Bourbons together. I did go a little higher on the Apple Filling then I should have but still an awesome recipe.
User: McDuckie Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Just started to vape this after a week steep and Folkarts description on the Live Show and WOW 😲 its an Amazing Golden Oreo flavor. Yes the milkshake part needs a little more depth but the cookie is spot on. Definitely gonna steal that golden oreo idea. Excellent job bud.
User: McDuckie Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
Nice job definitely worth mixing up. It's a bright juicy berry mix. I changed the Shisha Strawberry to Wf Strawberry Juicy, but I can see this working with alot of different Strawberries.
User: McDuckie Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
This is amazing it tastes just like Pez candies. Right down to the powdered chalky taste. Gonna try mixing different fruits to see what will work.
User: McDuckie Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
Awesome recipe guys I can honestly say that I have never tried a cereal vape before. For a first experience with cereal vapes it's great that cereal 27 definitely gives the impression of a rice type cereal. And the fruit flavors are bright and delicious.
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