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Cut the FA blood orange, did not do anything in there to begin with.

Adjusted some percentages and swapped toasted marshmallow for the regular one.

Cut the sweetner, its sweet enough. But if youre a sweet tooth, add your prefered sweetner.

I mixed this batch at 80vg 20pg (3mg/ml) and feel its more enjoyable than the prev iterations I messed around with.

Yet another strawberry milkshake.

This one tastes like the strawberry milkshake you get at mcdonalds.

Be warned, coil killer :)

Lowered the Acetyl P. It was just a tad higher than what I wanted over time.

Adjusted the creams.

Hey guys!

While on honeymoon in Thailand, my wife and I were lucky enough to have a housemaid that left us (and kept refilling) a jar of coconut caramel toffees. She kept refilling this jar, since I sneakishly kept stocking up the caramels in a bag, obviously to get more of them from her. (She were hansomly repaid, ofc).

I'm by no means an experienced mixer. Been mixing for about a year now, and these are my thoughts around this mix.

My goal were to make these caramels, like butterscotch, gooey caramels that stick to your teeth, just with the touch of creamy sweet coconut milk. Just as I remember the caramels mentioned.

FA Caramel: The bass to this whole coup. Its by no means the main schaufeur in the mix, but my thoughts were to make it the main layer for everything else to grow on.

Acetyl P: In there to bring the nuttyness that most caramels have about them.

White Fudge SC: This one gives the FA caramel and the sweet coconut a gentle kiss.

The main idea behind the creams and custards were to make a blend that folds together with the caramel. Vienna cream to add a buttery touch to the creams.

Well thats about it.. English aint my main language, so bare over with my ramblings

We are still married, but the caramels are all gone.

Hope you enjoy this one..

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