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User: MarsRetrograde Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Holy shit fire! Stumbled upon this recipe by mistake, so fucking glad I mixed it, if anyone remembers the company "must vape" they had a flavor called pencil, and I fucking loved it, but they are no more. This is pencil times a thousand, I'll admit I was a bit leary with how much bourbon was in here, but worries aside I mixed. Mind you only a half hour into my heated magnetic stirrer I gave it a toot, and then created an account on here just to review. I can't believe this recipe isn't in the top 10, perfectly balanced, rich warm, creamy, delicious. Abso-fuckin-lute perfection. I can't imagine what it'll be in the recommended 7 day steep time. Fuckin brilliant man, fucking brilliant.
User: MarsRetrograde Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
I have everything to make this, gonna whip up 100ml and report back. Update: I have a heated magnetic stirrer so steeping goes relatively quick, first hour after a "stir and vape" it is really nice, punch of lemon rounded out by the other flavors, I tested it right from the start and I believe as time goes on the lemon will tone down a little. But as lt stands right now this is really lovely, by morning it should be ready to go and I'll be back to update. Really enjoying this one, thanks for this! Update hour 2 off the stir n vape, I didn't want to talk this up in case it "turned" I've been vaping since 2009, so I've been around the block from devices to liquids, this stuff is great, ive only had a few lemon flavored juices that really stuck in my memory (that no longer exist) and miss them, but after this, this brings back those nostalgic days and is so extremely satisfying, I'm glad I had every flavor to make this and I had just enough to do up 100ml, needless to say I'll be reupping these flavors to do this one over and over. I could come back and write another review after this finishes "curing" but I honestly see no need, this is amazing as it stands and it's only going to be more amazing as it goes on. I hope this recipe climbs to the top, because in all honesty the recipes that hold top spots here suck. This one leaves them all in the dust. Mix it now, I promise you will not regret it whatsoever.
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