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Mountain Dew Black Label

1 drop of FA MTS Wizard for per 15ml
MTS is just here to smooth out the acidic properties of the LB Dew Mountain. MTS is optional but I found it to hit my palette just little bit better when included.

CAP Harvest Berry and TPA Black Currant
Together this flavors create the dark berry flavor as mentioned on the can. I've probably drank 5-10 cans of Black Label trying to get this combination right haha. I've went through alterations using bilberry and just harvest berry but each different alterations seemed to highlight the berries too much to be a 1:1 recipe. Although they were good, they just weren't right.

LB Dew Mountain, TPA Ethyl Maltol, TPA Koolada
These three flavors make up the base of the Mountain Dew flavor. LB Dew Mountain by itself falls short. I used Ethyl Maltol to sweeten the recipe because you and I both know Mountain Dew is just full of sugars. I tried different Sweeteners (sucralose) but they all seem to mute the flavor too much. TPA Koolada was a must have for me. I cannot drink a soda without it be chilled. The Koolada is here to try and mimic the ice or fresh out of the fridge feeling.


Blueberry cake donut recipe. I've been working on this for a few months now. It is a work in progress. Idk if I'll ever perfect it, but it is dang close.

FA Zeppola, FW Cake(Yellow), and TFA Acetyl Pyrazine make up the cakey donut base of this recipe. Zeppola is by far the best doughnut flavor I have found. But I believe it needs help to create the profile I was going for. That's where the Cake(Yellow) came in. It added some more fullness and weight to this recipe. Which added depth to doughnut base. Acetyl gave it just a bit more of grainy essence.

FA Bilberry and TFA Blueberry(Wild). After testing a few different blueberry variations I decided to stick with the bilberry and blueberry wild combo. Bilberry is an darker and a little more bitter blueberry. It's very stout and definitely couldn't be the leading role is this recipe. But I felt it would be a great supporting blueberry. It seems to round out the blueberry wild just perfectly. FA Lemon Sicily is there in a small percentage to just brighten up the blueberries and it does a good job at it.

FA Torrone and TFA Sweetener
These two create the sugar glaze coating you find on the outside of the doughnut. Now the torrone isn't necessary. I actually subbed it out for FA meringue at the same percentage in a different variation of this recipe. Although you could taste a small difference in the batches it wasn't significant. Both versions were great.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have.

A simple but wonderful recipe. I mix this up whenever I'm wanting a simple strawberry ice cream.

FA Black Currant is a unique but great flavor and it seems to pair really well with strawberry ripe.

LB Vanille Ice Cream is probably my favorite vanilla ice cream out there. It's a thick almost custard like flavor that pairs very well with fruits.

User: Markway09 Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I'm really enjoying this recipe! I picked up LB Strawberry Cheesecake just for this recipe!
User: Markway09 Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
This is my go to recipe. I always have a bottle of this on hand. I just recently made 240mls of this so I can let it steep for a long time. This recipe it's better and better with time.
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