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7 months, over 50 recipe' s made, hundreds of single flavor testing. This is the only juice my hubby will vape. He said he would only vape it if it was spot on. None of the remixes out there are even close. To my surprise chubby bubble doesn't have any bubble gum flavoring in it. I believe the boysenberry gives it a bubblegum feel.

I realized after single flavor testing, chubby is made with FW flavors.

Fw Blue razz- kind of an unusual blue razz flavor to me very difficult to describe. More of a bright sweet raspberry with a very candy feel.

Fw Cotton candy- self explanatory. Adds sweetness from within.

FW raspberry- this raspberry has slight floral notes. It is more of a candy raspberry flavor bright but not sweet.

FW Boysenberry- I believe this adds a boost to the raspberry while adding a berry bubble gum flavor.

If you don't like sweetner don't add it. This is a remix of a commercial juice so guess what lots of sweetner.

This is a refreshing tropical cocktail.

Wf sour watermelon candy and Fa kiwi work as the light sweet base.

Flv Pink guava has an alcoholic guava taste. It is extremely strong so I used a ridiculously small amount. It doesn't get lost or overpower everything else.

Wf, starfruit and jackfruit add a nice tropical body.

Pur. Watermelon cotton candy adds sweetness.

It tastes very similar to unicorn milk by cutwood. The graham cracker clear tames the strawberry some so it's not sickeningly sweet.

A bright peach gummy candy. A nice mouth feel, on the wetter side.

A sweet and tart grape candy. Tastes similar to a jolly rancher.

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