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So i love the original Grack Juice by Philosaphucker but i was playing around and found that if a tweaked the flavors a smidge and changed the main profile I stumbled on something i think is more balanced and more delish. I changed the main profile to Sweet Guava, added a slightly more Cactus and raspberry, I definitely needed a bit more koolada baby!

If you like Grack juice you have to try this..


Best mixed at 70VG/ 30PG.

I'm going for the ultimate summer time profile...obviously you could enhance this recipe with koolada, sour, menthol or eucalyptus..the list is forever but the main profile is a superfruit so beautiful you just want to drink it...I call it a blood mango.

Mango, Orange and raspberry you wont look back...

(FLV) Mango is hands down the best mango flavour to use in a fruit mix, there is just something about it that gives you a perfect rendition of a beautifully 'just ripe' mango ready to eat. in this recipe, the way it dances with the orange will leave you questioning what you think you know about fruits.

(FW) Blood Orange - The first time I tried to make this recipe I used FA Orange - This flavor just did not work for me at all and I found it to be quite harsh with almost a chemical, artificial taste. With (FW) Blood Orange the clouds parted and the Mango and Orange simply fell in love with each other.

(INW) Raspberry - Well what can I say, this flavour in any fruit mix at a low percentage will just add another dimension and not distract you from the main profile. I find that in this recipe the raspberry really helps the mango shine and gives it an almost brighter, tart note...you'll just have to see for yourself.

Deep fried Ice-cream topped with strawberries.
I'm not blowing my own horn but this recipe its just plain Yumm!
Best mixed at 70PG/30VG

A delicious banana pudding, definitely one of my all day vapes. Not a lot of people use TFA Banana Ripe but I find at a low percentage it blends into the recipe really nicely and adds a great sugary banana.


Fresh Apples with a hint of crust and creamy custard. I love this recipe and I think the TPA Sour adds a tartness to help authenticate the apple.

Best mixed at 70VG/ 30PG

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This is an amazing profile, mixed up 300ml over the weekend. One question...is anyone getting a slight purple tint off of this juice?
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