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The title says it all.
It’s a strawberry glazed donut that will leave a little sugar on your lips. This is an updated recipe that I originally posted on ELR.


Sweet tea with peach simple syrup.

yellow peach is a nice soft peach flavor. Great when combined with white peach for its sharper notes at lower percentages.
Apricot just to round off the stonefruit.

Since it is a simple syrup, the peaches are cooked down with sugar which is where the liquid amber along with super sweet to make it sweet and syrupy.

Fa black tea is in the background giving this a nice finish

A cool, refreshing, sweet half and half. Delicious sweet tea and lemonade.


My take on a classic.
AP 5% gives a bit of a toasted note and boosts the RY4
FA vanilla bourbon because why not? Its a good vanilla with a lil bite
Hs RY4 because its a nice ry4
FW salted caramel is a great caramel and the salted part of it pairs up well in this mix
Cap Vanilla custard to thicken it up and meld all this together.

Chocolate biscuit and tea.... what else is there to say....

The blueberry ugly. A fried blueberry fritter covered in sugar and condensed milk icing. I loved these as a kid and this flavor brings back a lot of memories.

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