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My clone of french dude (Blueberry french toast) This to me is a better version with a slightly more authentic flavor profile. And honestly french dude doesn't taste like french toast anyways lol.

The FLV cupcake batter is the key to everything. I was single flavor testing it and after acouple weeks it started tasting just like waffles with a hint a maple already in it

The butter is pretty obvious, I initially had this at 1% and you couldn't notice it was there, at 2% its a perfect hint of butter.

I added the yellow cake in a second version to give it a little more of the sugary dough flavor that I felt was missing

FA Maple syrup again is pretty obvious, be warned it is extremely strong. I had it at .25% and accidentally put an extra drop bring it up to .4 and I actually liked it better there so I kept that odd number. You can play with this one for your taste of sweetness

FLV blueberry muffin - I added to try killing 2 birds with one stone to get more of a cake flavor and add the blueberry, however the blueberry was only a slight hint hence adding the few drops of bilberry really sent it over the top.

Bilberry - like I mentioned above I wasn't getting enough blueberry and added this in the 4th batch to up it just a nudge and this put the blueberry flavor right where it needed to be.

Believe it or not, this is actually damn good right away as a shake and vape however if it sits 2-3 weeks it becomes much more complex. I usually make 2 bottles, one to sit and one to vape on.

I was trying to clone Chubby Watermelon. I have the correct watermelon, but gave up because this is so much better. Nice ADV that doesn't overload your senses.

Needs about an overnight to steep and its ready to go, on the shake the gummy candy stands out too much. I really like the little bit of the sour aftertaste. You can play around with the sweetener I found 1.5 to be the point where it doesn't leave a sweet diet soda taste in your mouth and brings out the candy aspects. Added the Marshmallow in my 3rd version to round everything out and keep it smooth.

Tried alot of batches with TFA bubblegum and Loranns bubblegum and none of them tasted like chubby, this is as close as I have got. I actually like this a lot better than Chubby, the addition of sour makes it a nice run around town vape.

Watermelon strawberry menthol, has a nice sweet and menthol combo. Perfect after an overnight steep. 1.5% menthol is pretty light, can be adjusted to taste

A very nice strawberries and cream. I took inspiration from skiddlz all cap recipe , needs 2 weeks to steep, tastes pretty funky before 2 weeks.

Its pretty strange to me that it doesn't taste like cake, it is very creamy and a little rich. After a week I noted "this tastes fucking weird" I took it down today after 2 weeks and I've almost vaped the entire 30ml if that says anything about it.

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Made this with CAP bavarian cream until my new order shows up, but god damn this is good!
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