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With blue dot Convicted Melons in mind.

Apples, strawberries, honeydew.

Cotton candy to reduce harshness that TFA Honeydew tends to have.

Other bits:

rainbow candy for that weird candy shell-like taste/feeling.
Lemon for blending and emulsifying - you won't taste it.
Cantaloupe is strong, so it's used here at 0.50 to buff the honeydew a little bit without overtaking the recipe. It could stand to be lowered down to .25%. Up to you.

I added 3 drops of CAP Supersweet to a 30ml mix and it wasn't all that great. If you decide to add any consider adding 1-2 drops or just leave it as-is without CAP SS. It should be sweet enough on it's own without it.

I pretty much took Alan's Orange, changed the percentages around a little, and made it raspberry/blackcurrant.

At first it wasn't that great but after a couple drops of super sweet (1 drop per 30ml) and about a week to settle it turned out super nice.
as an aside, TFA Marshmallow does not fit in this recipe at all. or in Alan's Orange for that matter.

Dark, sweet, juicy berries with a little bit of bite.

raspberry/blackcurrant - What's there to say? INW Raspberry is strong and pungent. FA Blackcurrant is slightly floral and sweet. the two come together and play off each other very well. You'll see what I mean.

The rest - Pear adds a bit of juice, dragon fruit melts it all together, strawberry exists for some reason. Pink champagne gives it a slight, nearly unnoticeable bite.

It's a bit dry so INW Cactus might do some good here at .5-.75% but i'm pretty content with where it is.

no picture because i'm lazy.


Alan (Age 23) Passed away unexpectedly on April 24, 2018. Alan was a wonderful son, brother, cousin and friend. Alan is preceded in death by his grandparents, Willard (Doris) Tuomi. Survived by parents, Jeff and Susan, sister Tristin; grandparents, Gust & Fern ; aunt, Jean and her children David and Michael; uncle Mike and aunt Cheryl and their children, Justin, Kelsey and Katy.

Alan was the best brother, cousin, son, and friend anyone could ask for. Everyone who got even slightly close felt like they were his best friend.
For myself, he introduced me to music that helped shape and deepen my love for electronic music, specifically electro-house.
Despite not always being the best I could be I never felt that he treated me any differently than anyone else.
The world is colder having lost him.

Pear and Strawberry - almost nonexistent, serving as back notes and sweetness. You won't really notice it unless you're looking for it.

Tangerine and Blood orange - up front and potent. There's no mistaking that this is orange. This is my favorite combination of oranges because it always shines through. Not particularly candy-like, but not exactly realistic either.

Pink Champagne - I don't fully understand what it's doing here exactly but I don't think this would have been as good without it. There's an almost fizzy, fuzzy quality to it that I believe is coming from the Pink Champagne.

If you're a fan of oranges in any capacity, give this a shot. I'm seriously surprised how this turned out.

If you copy, remix, or sell this recipe I only ask that you keep his name involved in the description in some way.


Steep time: 3-4 weeks.

Holy Grail RY4 - The only one I have and the best that I've tried. Caramel and tobacco.

CAP VCV1 - thickens and deepens HGRY4.

FA Marshmallow - more thickening, sweetness. I haven't tested this flavor on it's own yet, mostly going by flavor notes for this one. HiC said it's best for "Caramel or Torrone" and RY4 is a caramel flavor. She also noted it's good for creams.

CAP Bavarian Cream - I haven't used this before so this is where i'm not sure if it will turn out the way i want it to. Flavor notes say 'buttery, nutty, bakery, slightly sweet' which is exactly what I wanted. at .75% it should be a mid to background note.

FA Cookie (Biscotto) - neutral cookie flavor, Acetyl Pyrazine. AP is nutty itself so i figured it might go well with CAP BC to give the recipe more of a baked custard taste.


high - caramel, marshmallow
mid - cookie, slight tobacco
low - Thick baked custard

mixed : 1/8/18

Tested: 1/16/18 - It's about where I expected it to be. A thick, creamy - slightly 'dirty' - caramel with custard and the bite of a cookie. Not overly sweet. cookie has a slight harshness to it. It tastes good enough at this point that I can't stop vaping it. a full 30-45 days and this will surely shine.
FA Marshmallow and CAP Bavarian cream worked exactly as I wanted them to.

Try a lower wattage than you're used to. I usually run around 90 watts with a 0.14Ω dual coil, 55 seems to be much more enjoyable.

I had over 100 credits so I gave this a pretty border. There's no specific reason for it other than that.

Test 2/6 - much, much nicer. slight throat hit. Cookie can be easily picked out. Tobacco isn't as 'dirty' as before. much more caramel and cream. Thick. much better than i expected.

2/23 - This is Fantastic. If you mix nothing else I've uploaded, Mix this.

Another really easy one.

You can drop Caramel Butter if you don't have it. Though, I find it's a very nice caramel.

Caramel, Ice cream, slight butterscotch syrup.

RF Butterscotch Pudding is the VG Version. if you have their SC version use 0.5%

steep 7 days.

Kid tested, mother approved.

Kix is a lightly sweet corn cereal with just a little bit of milk.

An update to my kix cereal+milk. Mixed around cream flavors, added marshmallow.

Bavarian Cream/sweet cream/cream fresh - milk base. very dairy without being TFA Dairy/milk.

cereal 27 - the star of the show. Honey grain cereal. Great for creams, cereal... I can't think of much this wouldn't fit in apart from straight fruits, menthol, alcohol, drinks, or anise.

meringue/marshmallow - cereal staples, KIX itself does not have marshmallow in it but here marshmallow is used with meringue to boost the sweet honey sugar glazed corn/grain cereal and overall sweetness.

Possible additions:
.25% TFA Cotton Candy (Ethyl Maltol). Used to take any harsh edges off, I tend to prefer it with it in the mix.

After steep:
At first this tasted sour. like, soured cream almost... but after 3 days it seems to taste like a honey covered caramel cream

The cereal 27 adds a great honey grain to the mix.

caramel original helped mask the high/sourness from the vienna cream and brings out more of the caramel from catalan cream.

bavarian cream is the base. that sweet, custard-y cream.

Hazelnut works magic but you can probably leave it out if you'd prefer.

Why should you mix this up?

If you like honey and caramel and thickness to your vape.

steep this for 3 days minimum or it will be sour and not very good at all.

remember to rate and comment, even if you hate it. Maybe we can figure out why you don't like it and improve it for your tastes.

When using TFA's Smooth: Use only 1 drop per 10ML. so in a 30ml bottle use 3 drops. This blends it all together and puffs it up a little bit. Mutes the sour notes and brings out the more sweetness from the caramel.

Note: This is a first run. there's room for improvement.

Let it sit for 3 days minimum.

Best after 14-21 days.

E: This is pretty bad. I can't believe anyone saw this and thought it might be good.


Working on this. It's already really close to a orange dreamsicle.

blood orange + sweet tangerine: Makes up the top notes should be the first thing you notice biting into a dreamsicle.

sweet cream + meringue + VBIC : the sugary creamy goodness inside the outer shell, the base of the whole thing. Meringue can be left out.

Buttercream : adds a buttery goodness to the creams, rounds out the smell of the juice, and feel of the vape.

Dragonfruit: used to boost up the tangerine/orange flavors.

If you want a shake and vape, leave out VBIC and sweet cream ~~but it'll be more like an orange popsicle than a dreamsicle.~~ but it won't be as good.

V1 has a really green taste, like you're eating the stem with the berry. or some of the leaves.

Kid tested, mother approved.

Kix is a lightly sweet corn cereal with just a little bit of milk.

This is not a KIX Ejuice clone which is apparently a brand.

Edit: This can end up a little throaty after two to three weeks, I suggest adding .5-1% of your favorite marshmallow or 2-3 drops of TFA smooth to fluff it up a bit. Whipped cream may also help.

User: Lulzor Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Fantastic after a steep. Definitely making more
User: Lulzor Score: 3 Entered: over 4 years ago - knew i recognized this... i've mixed this recipe a few times as a starting point. side by side it's missing an orange-ish flavor. lemon is too strong. 3% cream fresh is a bit weird. the milk isn't close. rated a 3 because as far as a clone goes it's wildly different but it still comes out as a good cereal.
User: Lulzor Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
I was not prepared for how weird - and delicious - this recipe is. Everyone should mix this at least once, no exceptions. S&V i get a really strange grape pixi-stick flavor but it's so much more than that. prickly, cool, sugar, grape. If mixing is an art then this is a fucking masterpiece. E: 11 months later I am still coming back to this recipe.
User: Lulzor Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Used this to make a PB&J with shisha strawberry/tfa pear/tfa PB/red touch and this is exactly what it states. Bread. With no doubts, bread. I'd honestly use this as a concentrate because the bread flavor is overwhelming when used as-is for another mix. I'm considering making a dilution of the VG baked bread at this point. 5/7
User: Lulzor Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Spot on as a shake and vape.
User: Lulzor Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Exactly as described. Perfect shamrock shake.
User: Lulzor Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Back in the day my friends and I would chow down on those dissolving dishwasher tablets. It wasn't until later in life we realized how much better a liquid based detergent could taste. This recipe brings me back to the first time we tried Tide's pods. The difference was astounding, as if my whole life had been a lie up to that point. Why bother with something that dissolves in your mouth when it can burst with flavor? It's like going from sweet tart double lollies to gushers. It truly cleansed my soul and vaping this recipe had similar, longstanding, effects. Like a primal awakening or an ascension. Truly, this recipe showcases a mastery of flavor profiles and culinary discipline. I can't recommend it enough. **You have not lived until you've experienced this recipe.**
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