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Sweet strawberry ice cream

Holy Vanilla - true vanilla ice cream flavor that should be in every mixers arsenal. It's extremely versatile and doesn't need as much of a steep time as other VBIC. Mixes well with any combo of fruits I throw at it.
Shisha vanilla is a nice sweet accent
FW, tpa strawberry and tpa ripe strawberry - this combo is Kat's strawberry stone. I use it a lot. Gives a true fresh strawberry flavor.
JF sweet strawberry - this flavor reminds me of juice left in bowl of sugar sweetened strawberries.
FLV sweetness - stevia based sweetness without the aftertaste. At lower percentages it really brightens this mix

Sweet peaches and cream
I never found a straight peaches and cream commercial eliquid that I truly loved so it became a mission when I started DIY.
It was the bane of my diy existence until I discovered oba oba and this combo. I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like FA white peach. I was raised on yellow peaches. This combo is the closest I've come to a true yellow peach at least for my pallette. Strawberry ripe & Shisha vanilla add sweetness.

Okay as shake and vape. Better after a week. Really good after 2 weeks.

I vaped 100 mil of Lucky SOB and felt like it needed to be smoother. Shisha vanilla and butterscotch ripple add sweetness and creaminess. I like this much better.
Good as shake and vape. Even better after 2-3 weeks.


Simple strawberry brulee - This combo of strawberries is Kat's strawberry stone. It makes a very natural tasting sweet strawberry. Better than any single strawberry I've found so far. Lucky shot is a nice caramel vanilla with graham crust. I'm enjoying this as a shake and vape

Strawberry vapes have always been my favorite. This takes my favorite elements from Mothers milk, Unicorn milk and Boosted and combines them into my ultimate favorite recipe.
If you want it sweeter, I recommend TFA sweetener. Start at .25% & work up from there. Butterscotch and DDL sweeten it enough for me but everyone has different tastes.
Needs at least one week steep but gets even better with time.The malt comes out more the longer you let it steep. Don't like ddl, use strawberries and cream instead. Don't have FW butterscotch, use TFA or FA caramel. Want more strawberry, up it to 8%. No noticable difference using Cap vbic so if you don't like TFA VBIC it's okay to sub. HIGHLY RECOMMEND using FW vbic. Good strawberry variations that I've tried: 3.5% each Cap sweet strawberry and TFA strawberry ripe; Wayne's my dude 4% Cap sweet strawberry, 3% TFA strawberry, just TFA strawberry ripe 7% or TFA strawberry ripe 5% with 2% JF sweet strawberry (my new favorite combo)

User: LoriDS1 Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
Lovely vanilla mint. Will mix again!
User: LoriDS1 Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
Like this best after 2 weeks when chocolate comes out more. Went through 50 in no time. Need to mix more!
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