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Well long time no see...

I've mixed this recipe for my friends on numerous occasions this past year (probably made close to a hundred bottles of it by now) and it is the most requested juice that I make for them. I figured it must be ALRIGHT, so I decided to stick an edgy band name on it and publish it for the community that I'm honestly not really active in anymore in case any one wanted to give it a shot and also enjoyed it.

This is just a "prickly peach" type recipe that is an extremely easy vape in the summer due to the light fruity taste and WS-23 (I think this shit is literal crack and literally every single mixers "secret weapon" when mixing for non-mixers)

Prickly Peach - FA Peach White, FA Fuji, and INW Cactus

I think we all can agree (or at least we did a year ago when I was current on all the flavors out there) that FA Peach White is probably the most throat friendly peach out there, its definitely the go-to peach, and the primary note in this recipe at 2%.
INW Cactus brings the staple "prickly" aspect. At 0.75% you are getting the density, the juice, and a slight aloe note; all of these also help to further cut the "harshness" of the peach.
Who doesn't fucking love FA Fuji in any fruit mix? If you raise your hand I'll call you a fucking liar to your face. At 1% this is going to help hold all the fruit notes together and also add a slight indication of "tartness" (you know, that note that we can't actually simulate but try desperately to)

The Nonsense - TPA Dragonfruit

I mean its TPA Dragonfruit, you know the business. This is just there as an emulsifier that at 3% adds a little extra "umph" and pineapple notes. You could likely sub this out for INW Pineapple at 2% if you are feeling boujie, I personally used TPA Dragonfruit because it was cheaper and I had it in more abundance. I think both flavorings are great at doing the same thing, if you want a stronger pineapple note go with INW Pineapple.

The Aesthetic - TPA Sweetener & WS-23

This is all up to you baby. I prefer TPA Sweetener because its not as sickly sweet as CAP SS. I also think that it goes better with fruits than CAP SS.
The percentage of WS-23 is actually toned down in this compared to what I actually make for my psychotic friends. Some of them request that shit to be like legit ice cubes. I have gone upwards of 1.5% for these people before and they love it...that being said I think if you go over 0.75% you are going to be crushing a lot of your fruit notes and at that point you might as well be mixing WS-23, Sweetener, and Nicotine for this recipe because there is no way in hell you are tasting anything in that glacial cavity you call a throat.

Shake and Vape ready, probably best after 1-3 days, last forever and doesn't get too wacky after a few weeks. Enjoy it....or not

When faced with the assault of cold months ahead I really wanted a warm and decadent tobacco to shepherd me through the winter winds.

TFA RY4 Double - I mean when you hear "decadent" you know you have to go with RY4 Double, a nice easy bakery-esque flavor with a hint of tobacco. Really one of the best go-to flavors for when you want a mild, non-offensive tobacco.

FW Butterscotch Ripple/ FW Butterscotch (Natural) - Ripple is the go-to Butterscotch for just about every application you need. Its wonderful, rich, and creamy. Butterscotch (Natural) is used to boost the main butterscotch flavor of Ripple. Ripple is fantastic but sometimes can be lost in a complex/dense mix and either needs to be mixed dangerously high or it needs to be reinforced with other flavorings.

FW Butter Pecan - while RY4 Double is a great tobacco flavoring, it wasn't nutty enough for me. Added Butter Pecan to fill out that nutty tobacco note. I didn't want to go too high with this because I've found this flavor will REALLY take over a mix if you go slightly too high.

TPA Brown Sugar/FLV Milk & Honey/ FA Bourbon (Vanilla) - These flavorings are blended together to bring a darker sweetness to the mix. The butterscotch notes are reinforced by the Brown Sugar and Bourbon (Vanilla). The latter also brings a warmth to the mix. FLV Milk & Honey adds a dark sweetness while accenting the pecan.

Mix it up and throw it in a dark cabinet and let it sit there. I'd leave it for a few weeks BUT if you are impatient (like me) it can be good to go in a week.
Personally I mix this at 60/40 and I would probably not go much higher than 70/30.



This is a mash up of two of Shindo's recipes I've enjoyed( D Cream and Cantrips). Took the VBIC and lowered it a little to tone down the density and DAP, paired the FA Pear and CAP Fuji to create a bright apple (CAP Fuji has less of the alcoholic note than FA Fuji and is also a bit softer) and then put in a dash of Honesuckle to boost the fruit florals and a bit of Key Lime to brighten the fruits.

Shake and vapeable but you will probably like it best after a 3-5 day steep.


I really love CheebaSteeba's simple mixed berry recipe Berry Creamy ( https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/7840#berry_creamy_by_cheebasteeba ) so I decided to use his cream base to create my own SnV mixed berry cream.

I used the more "realistic" fresh FA Red Touch at 3% because I really wanted the full bodied red flavor to be right up top and really stand out in the mix.
FA Blackcurrant brings in the lower end of the fruit profile with notes simulating darker berries. At 1.5% its not strong enough to overtake the Strawberry but still very noticeable.
Then of course we have the TFA Dragonfruit at 0.75% to bridge the fruits and allow them to brighten a little more.

SnV all the way, best after a few days steep. Cream will come out a bit more and the fruits will dull slightly. Still very tasty though.


A bright, wet pear vape.

FA Pear/FA Fuji/CAP Lemon Lime : The thick broad pear flavoring brings the base while the Fuji brings the bright tartness. Lemon lime helps to mesh these two flavorings together.

INW Cactus: provides a wet/juicy density to the vape.

TPA Meringue: Brings an ever so sweet note to the mix will also taking off a little of the "pledge" note of cap lemon lime.

Definitely shake and vapeable, best giving it a few days to let everything blend and allow Lemon Lime to calm down.

So there I was, sitting in a strawberry cinnamon Danish induced daze, surrounded by all of these strapple danishes and strapple cinnamon cookies. My will was almost completely broken and I had almost given up mixing altogether. When, in my highly receptive and broke state, I had a fleeting "what if" thought.

What if I embrace the strawberry ripe, instead of trying to hide it? Wear my hatred on my sleeve per say. What if I paired it with something that would accent it instead of mask it all but the sweetness of the EM? Fucking cheesecake.

A strawberry cheesecake topped with cinnamon baked apples.

I chose to use ripe at 4% because the flavoring (as you know) is weak and I needed it to last long enough for the steeping of the rest of the flavorings. I used JF Fuji at 0.5% because I needed to find the percentage where the Fuji was just light enough to be perceived as a "topping" but still be there and not be overwhelmed by the cheesecake. Any higher and the Fuji is present throughout and any lower it is lost in obscurity. CAP CDS, my arch nemesis, is at 0.5% as well. I needed to find a percentage where the cinnamon would come through lightly and play with the apple and cheesecake but not so much to where the cheesecake tasted like it was a yeasty strawberry cinnamon mess. Any lower than 0.5% and it disappeared in the mix.

Some would say CAP NY Cheese Cake is a better, more authentic cheesecake than the TFA variant I chose, but I've always found TFA CGC to go especially well with strawberry and have a fuller mouthfeel. It just needs a little help fleshing itself out. So I used my other 2 free ingredients supporting the cheesecake.

TFA CGC @4% because I needed that full bodied cheesecake flavor. Below 4% you get a creamy mouthfeel but it doesn't quite taste like a cheesecake anymore. More than 4% and you are playing with fire, the flavoring becomes a balancing act over a sweaty socks pit. FW Graham Cracker, I chose this over its more popular cousin (TFA GCC) because I get less of a cinnamon note from this than the GCC. CDS is dishing out all the cinnamon my body can handle in this recipe so I wanted to avoid more if at all possible. At 1% FW GC provides a little more crust to the CGC while also giving the cinnamon something besides Fuji to latch onto, evening out the CDS so it's not as concentrated and overpowering in one area. And finally the standard quirky ingredient, TFA Coconut. This flavoring is added in to provide a sweet creaminess to the cheesecake. While being low enough that it doesn't consume the profile and make it a coconut vape, it's high enough to add a unique sweetness to the cheesecake and enhance the creamy texture. I highly suggest playing with coconuts in creams at low percentages if you haven't already.

Altogether what you get is a cheesecake base flavoring throughout the vape with the sweet creamy coconut. Strawberry prominent on the inhale giving way to a cinnamon apple graham cracker exhale.kind of reminiscent of the order you would taste a recipe like this if you were eating it with a fork. Steep it 5 days to allow for the cheesecake to settle in, strawberry to calm down a little, and Fuji/CDS to properly place itself in the recipe.

After thought: I believe that if I were able to use different flavorings and omit some require (I'm looking at you CDS) I would have been able to better obtain the desired profile. I've also dabbled in adding .25% EM, but I think there is already enough EM with the strawberry ripe and adding it for sweetness is pretty unnecessary with the coconut. Even though I didn't hit the profile as close as I could, the vape is enjoyable (to me) and I will probably work on the recipe sans restrictions at a later date. Enjoy!


For those days when you just want to throw something together that works and can be vaped right away. There's no complex layering or deep profiles to be found here. This is just an easy, smooth candy strawberry/watermelon that you can throw together in a rush and not have to worry about steep times.

This has been my go-to recipe for the past month or so when I just want to mix high VG and drip for a day or two while waiting on my other mixes to steep out.

No catchy recipe name or extensive notes or meticulous master crafting here. Threw a bunch of tropical flavorings together to see if I could get a tasty shake and vape. And voila, it's pretty damn tasty. Even better after sitting over night. If you have he flavorings and the hankering for a smooth/sweet tropical fruit/mango juice then definitely give this baby a shot. Also could replace TPA meringue with FA Meringue at 0.75%


This is the beginning of one of the many attempts at using Watermelon Crack ingredients somewhere else so I can use them for something. I enjoyed watermelon crack but my time with it is over and I'm left with some pretty niche flavors to try to use up.

SO, this is a shake and vape recipe. Tastes pretty good with the cactus being very prominent. After a few days steep the cactus calms down and everything kind of meshes together.

If you don't have INW Anton Apple, bump FA Fuji to 3%.


This is a version of my sweet blueberry lemonade that has a more natural or "tart" taste to it. Replacing the more sweet CAP Lemon Sicily with its more natural FA counterpart and adding a touch of FA Bilberry to help flesh the blueberry out. Replaced TFA Sweetener with Ethyl Maltol to cut the "sugar on the tongue" taste of the sucralose while still brightening the berries. EM is more optional in this version than the TFA Sweetener in the original. 2 Drops Koolada per 30ml or to taste. Overnight steep to help the FA Lemon Sicily and Bilberry settle in.

User: LocoMojo Score: 4 Entered: almost 5 years ago
Really like this simple recipe. Good SnV like you said but really becomes fully fleshed out around 3-5 days steep. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because I think something else can be put in there. I'll try to put something in the next batch i mix (and I certainly will be mixing more) but I dont know which direction I want to go. Maybe some CAP Marshmallow for more richness and mouth feel or maybe some FA Cookie for more cookie flavor. Definitely a solid recipe
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
Very authentic tasting and a great mix. I mixed a 30ml and I'm almost out already without the juice even have steeped a full day...and I've been vaping it out of a kayfun. Needless to say this is a great recipe.
User: LocoMojo Score: 4 Entered: over 4 years ago
I'll have to order INW Pineapple to vape the 1:1 recipe but the version I vaped (drunk AND sober the next day) with my HS Pineapple sub was very good. Mine certainly didn't last 4 days.
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Mixed with the 1% Meringue addition. At first shake I was skeptical but after a week of sitting around it turned into a sweet smooth and dense delight. Definitely a good mix and a good flavoring. The way it tastes I'm sure it will improve even more after additional days in the steep box.
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
A really fresh fruit/juicy wet vape. I find that a lot of the other fruits in this mix are mainly backing the cactus. Boosting the cactus properties while subduing some of the downsides of using cactus at high percentages. Tasty as hell as a shake and vape and improves upon further steeping. The juice eventually melds together into what is truly a juicy wet cactus extravaganza.
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
A very relaxed and enjoyable vape. The mango is present through out the vape and is backed nicely by the pineapple and subtle coconut. I'm actually surprised that the coconut is not more "in your face". This is easily the best Pina colada I've had. Steep time says 5 days but I've been vaping it out of my kayfun since day 2 and it has been great. Seriously adding this to my ADV rotation. If (for some weird reason) you are on the fence about this one and maybe need a few flavorings for it, do not hesitate. If this profile interests you even slightly, then this would be a very enjoyable vape for you. Great job on the recipe!
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Shockingly delicious! The EM from the Strawberry Ripe helps to round the blackberry bitterness out a bit and what's left of the bitter blackberry works in tandem with the creamy vanilla ice cream to create this uniquely flavorful vape. I'm very surprised that this recipe has not gotten more love! It may be a little outside the comfort zone for some but I recommend everyone try it. I enjoyed it after 2 days steep but it really all comes together around day 5, with the blackberry (while still being slightly bitter and on top of the mix) chills a little and meshes with the steeped fullness of the VBIC. Definitely a great one!
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
You don't know me Margaret, but I know you! This is an odd one to explain definitely. It tastes like a Twizzler milkshake. The Smooth blends everything a bit while also helping the VBIC to thicken the vape up. Marzipan makes it a bit malty. Definitely a nice recipe to try out, especially if you have TFA Red Licoroce and don't quite know what to do with it.
User: LocoMojo Score: 4 Entered: over 4 years ago
Definitely enjoyable, a sweet Black Currant lemonade with a slight bitter overtone. I might would try switching out CAP Lemon Lime with FA Lemon Sicily and dropping the sweetener to 0.5% to give it more of a bite.
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
This is a very realistic banana-pineapple smoothie. The cactus does a lot of work here for the amount that is in the mix. The aloe taste thickens and wets the mix, makes up the bulk of the "green" taste of the smoothie, and boosts the banana's freshness. I really liked this after about a 15 day steep per ID10-T's recommendation. This vape is definitely a lot denser than the ingredients would suggest as well.
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Very pleasurable variant of Cuprian, honestly I believe this recipe stands on its own and enjoy it more than Cuprian. The subtle sweetness of the chocolate, VBIC, and marshmallow on the inhale gives way to a robustly rich exhale with hints of chocolate bakery on the exhale. The RY4 double brings a slight tobacco note on the end, but as we all know even though RY4 isn't a powerfully strong tobacco it is extremely flexable and easy to work with. The meringue does a good job at general sweetness in the recipe and adding a little extra creaminess. The hint of FA Caramel pairs very nice with the RY4, being most noticeable on the end of the exhale mixing in well with the slight smokiness of the tobacco. Im usually not a fan of sweetener, but in this mix I find it really compliments the recipe well and is by no means overwhelming. If you want to opt out of the sweetener, I would maybe up the TPA Meringue to 1-1.5%. The only con about this mix is that I only mixed 30ml and after the 8 day steep I pretty much polished the bottle off within a day and a half. Since then I have mixed up another 60ml and am currently waiting until I can put it back into my ADV rotation. For steeping I would definitely let this one sit AT LEAST 5 days, preferably 7-10 days. I don't think this is a SnV by any means mainly because of the almost alcoholic nature of unsteeped RY4 Double and FA Caramel. Mix this baby up and let it sit in a cabinet somewhere for a week, you will not regret it. Awesome Mix.
User: LocoMojo Score: 4 Entered: over 4 years ago
Really great mix! Freshly mixed this reminds me HEAVILY of Placid by Adirondack. The Lime Tahity and Blood Orange go well in creating the alcoholic margarita note. The Strawberry is definitely there but it is no where near as strong as you would be led to believe by the ingredient list. I think this is mainly due to the amount of EM from the strawberries and the EM add in as well working against each other and muting the flavorings a bit. I'll definitely mix this one up again (its a great "quick fix" recipe that requires no real steep) but next time I think I will omit the extra EM to see if I cant taste more strawberry.
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
When do we get the ColtXKocanda slash fanfic
User: LocoMojo Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
A fantastic floral pear vape for your summer adv. The layered pears are complex and not too overbearing while the dragonfruit helps to blend and boost the fruity combo. Honeysuckle is the real star of this recipe, boosting the floral note of the pears and grounding it in some earthy notes. If you thought the 3% of honeysuckle was too much, don't worry FLV Cream has your back. Flv Cream acts as a neutral cream, taming the honeysuckle and keeping it from getting out of control. Great Job!
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