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This is an authentic baked bear claw recipe that a friend of mine requested. The final results are the product of being the noob mixer guest on the Fresh03 show, where I was properly schooled. It turned out to be a fantastic vape, and my friend Cathy, loves it. Thanks to Fresh03 and his crew for teaching me so much and making me laugh at the same time.

FLV Sweet Dough and FA Zeppola make for a great pastry base that steeps out faster then most, and the FLV Vanilla Pudding adds much needed moisture to this mix. The spiced almond paste center is made up of FLV Rich Cinnamon, FA Marzipan, and FLV Pastry Zest.
The TPA Acetyl Pyrazine brings out the almond notes and helps with the baked aspect of the bear claw. LA Cream Cheese Icing provides the frosting drizzle across the top of the bear claw.
I sweeten with natural sweeteners from Nude Nicotine: Monk Fruit Extract and Stevia. Of course, sub with whatever sweeteners you choose and leave those out, but some sweetness is needed for this mix imo.

Mixed at 70VG/30PG and tastes best after a 4 day steep.

An attempted knock off of a Starbucks limited edition Smoked Butterscotch Latte, that I have never tasted. This should be fun, I quit drinking coffee on a regular basis long ago, and I don't buy Starbucks, ever! The resulting vape was so good that my husband wanted a bottle of it made immediately. (His version is minus the OoO Cream.)

I believe I went with the safer noob choices of flavors here.
WF Brazilian Coffee was the closest to an espresso coffee that I had in my stash. Paired with VT Caffe Lattte and VT Coffee Milk Froth, the coffee latte itself came out fairly balanced, but I may have gotten the percentages too high.
FLV Smoked Butterscotch was my only choice for the smoked butterscotch flavor, but it needed help with the sweeter part of the butterscotch imo. I know that too much of the FLV SM could be overpoweringly ashy after a few days steep, so I chose to add FW Butterscotch Ripple as butterscotch support and a bridge between the creams.
When the recipe steeped out, and the coffee was still a bit strong, I found it still needed more cream, so I added some OoO Cream Milky Undertone to smooth it all out. I could have very well lowerd my coffee notes, but I like it this way.

Of course, true to me, I sweetened with my fave combo of NN Monk Fruit Extract and NN Stevia. Feel free to sweeten however you chose to.

This recipe has 2 purposes: to meet the Mixinvixens photo challenge in a quirky delicious way, and honor the passing of a great flavor from DIY Flavorshack, Angel Food Cake.
Update: Joey from DIY Flavor Shack let me know that there will be an angel food cake V2 flavor available soon!
I am so happy! It can still be found here in the meantime:

(You can save 20% off all DIYFS flavors with my affiliate code:LianazVapin20 too.)

This is a great authentic angel food cake flavor, that has no typical frosting notes! It is just a light, fluffy, and spongy angel food cake, pure and simple. When this flavor is no longer available, I will edit this recipe with a more commonly known angel food cake, and possibly eliminate or reduce the frosting, since it is already in all the other angel food cake flavors I know of.

For my cake base I also used WF Fluffy Whi1te Cake SC to give it a heavier more complete cake profile than the angel food cake did alone. The FA Cookie was used as an accent for more baked cake texture.

My quirky cake flavor is LB Rainbow Sherbet. I did not want to do another strawberry, and just felt like challenging myself to do a unique flavor profile that would fit the photo. After all, as rainbow sherbet melts, it makes for a strange ambiguous pink.color. It took me several tries to get the percentage right, so it was an actual cake flavor and not cake with sherbet on the side.

FLV Frosting made the simple white frosting that I needed it to be here, with a rainbow sherbet drizzle on top.

All this was sweetened with my go to combination of NN Monk Fruit Extract and NN Stevia in a 2:1 ratio and very low percentages. My sweet-tooth is satisfied and my coils stay cleaner longer. Of course, they may be subbed with a sweetener of your choice or not at all.

I doubt the judges will actually mix this recipe up and try it as is, but if you have some DIYFS Angel Food Cake in your stash, give this Broken Angel Wings cake a try? Feedback welcome.

Emily and ladies of Mixinvixens, thanks so much for inviting me back to your show! As a 3 month old mixer, this recipe truly was a challenge for me. I am proud to say that I got no help past my husband's palate and feedback. It took intense study of each flavor, several episodes of Noted, and 2 different batches to arrive at this recipe. After a final tweak of sweeteners, I am done.

So the challenge picture looked like a flaky, pastry-like biscuit, filled with a vanilla cream, fresh strawberries, and a dusting of powdered sugar. I tackled the biscuit part first, which needed a biscuit texture combined with buttery flakiness. I chose IN Biscuit paired with VTA Croissant to do this careful balancing act. If I had used JF Biscuit, it would have been too sweet and moist, and if I used to much Croissant, it would have been too buttery. Note that VTA Croissant does not taste right off the shake; it must steep out a bare minimum of 5 days! After a 7 day steep, these 2 flavors arrived at just the right texture, and as great light, flaky, pastry-like biscuit exhale.

The cream was easier. I wanted a vanilla whipped cream, not too rich, and a recipe that only took 7 days to steep. FA Cream Fresh was light, and didn't add anything too heavy, and is a flavor I can trust to be consistent. FA Vienna Cream at a lower percentage offered just the right amount of depth and richness to my vanilla whipped cream filling.

Ahh, the strawberries are always difficult. I wanted fresh strawberry flavor here, no syrups, no artificial notes, no jam...just fresh sliced strawberries in this lovely light bakery that wouldn't fade out. I have about 6 options to choose from in my stash, and arrived at a careful balance between the sweet ripe strawberry flavor of TPA Strawberry Ripe, and all the fresh, tart, seeds and cores of FA Strawberry (Red Touch). I am very happy with the authentic flavor I finished with, and look forward to finding if it fades or not in a few weeks. (I need to order the new VSO Strawberry and try it soon!)

My Nude Nicotine sweeteners have a real advantage here. I always start at .1% of NN Monk Fruit Extract, which provides a true sugar sweetness, and .05% Stevia, which provides sweet lips and a distinct pop of fruit flavors. After my steep, I found increasing them to 50% more than those percentages brought everything to pop forward and my sweet tooth was satisfied. Can you substitute another sweetener, yes, but why? Spare your coils, learn less is more, and NN ships internationally! But do what you will here, it is DIY. Try this combo without prejudice, and give me some feedback, please?

At last, OoO Powdered Sugar did just what is was supposed to do, and that's add a textured sweet dusting of powdered sugar goodness to this dessert.

I am vaping this right now in my Falcon King and surprised myself at how good it is. So, I look forward to the judges making this recipe as is, so I can learn more. Maybe they will buy both NN sweeteners to be fair, because they will probably show up in all the next challenges this month.

This is a Brittish style bread pudding, drizzled with a sticky caramel topping. It is also my first recipe involving caramels and bakeries together, and I was aiming for a vape that wasn't overpowering. I like it just the way it is, and can taste each layer. So, don't be fooled by the total flavor percentage, in fact, if it's not strong enough for you, feel free to increase each flavor percentage to your taste.
Just be very careful with the sweeteners from Nudenicotine.com, they are very strong and could ruin the recipe, but your coils will thank you! Or switch them with your preferred sweetener.

My base was built on DIYFS Banana Nut Bread. It can be found here: http://www.diyflavorshack.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=Banana%2DNut%2DBread%2DDIY%2DFlavoring
This is a great flavor that is just like the real thing. If you want to try it and save 20%, use code LianazVapin20. I am sure another banana nut bread could be subbed here too in the appropriate %!

I further enhanced the banana flavor with SA Banana Flambe and WF Banana Puree, so that the banana would not be lost in the richness of the caramel topping. Both provided a realistic cooked banana flavor, and are free of any artificial tastes imo.

The FLV Vanilla Pudding and the VTA Pudding Base achieved the texture of a moist bread pudding I was aiming for.

WF Caramel Butter added the creamy caramel I have looking for for so long, and FW Butterscotch Ripple gave it the depth of flavor in a cooked topping. I tried many different combinations, from the flavors I had available, and this was the winner.

Sorry my flavor comments are simple, but I am tired. Any feedback is welcome, thanks.

Yes, it's another LMP, but this has taken me months to perfect, and is one of my favorites. So much so, that I seldom allow it to make it to a full steep. I wanted a LMP with a traditional crust, not a graham crust, and fresh lemon flavors that lasted, hence the name. I finally collected all the right flavors, and this pie is complete. Lemon lovers like me can appreciate it.

If you would like to use your own sweeteners, or go without, the NN Monk Fruit Extract and NN Stevia can be removed. The ratio I use of these two is perfect, pops the flavors, and saves my lungs and coils from damage, while providing serious sweetness. Less is best here, and I have no off notes. Look on https://nudenicotine.com/search?type=article%2Cpage%2Cproduct&q=Sweeteners* for complete information. They ship internationally.

So my base to build upon was the well known CAP Lemon Meringue Pie, it just needs help imo.
FA Apple Pie has an excellent pie crust flavor, and the apple is faint, easily buried by the lemon filling, and ends up just adding a light sweet fill. The crust was finished with JF Biscuit for texture.
The lemon filling was the biggest challenge for me, I wanted a full lemon flavor, without fading issues, and that wouldn't make me choke while vaping it. FE Lemon gave the lemon it's legs to last, fresh and realistic. CAP Italian Lemon Sicily and FA Lemon Sicily added the full complete lemon profile I was looking for. VT Pudding Base filled a double role here, both contributing to the full texture of the filling, without adding unwanted flavors, and the bready exhale just helped the crust even more.
FA Meringue was the best choice for me for flavor and texture enhancement of meringue offered up by the CAP Lemon Meringue Pie base.

Yes, it's complex, but it's good and not muddied. I have tried many different 'simplified versions' and they missed the mark for me. This recipe was developed for my own pleasure to vape, and there are plenty of LVP recipes out there to choose from. To thine own tongue be true!

This recipe is so good, both the inhale and exhale provide thier own satisfyingly authentic experiences of flavor. After a 4 day steep it was great with both an RDA and in my Falcon Tank. It is now added to my list of favorites! While most of us know that DIYFS Gooey Butter Cake flavoring is on the list of future flavors rom DIYFS to go V2, this is a great recipe to use with what you have in stock, or order them up to try while you can.

The star ingredient is DIYFS Gooey Butter Cake, which tastes incredibly accurate to a rich flavorful cake right off the shake. FLV Pound Cake was used for it's added depth of pound cake flavor and it's crusty pound cake finish. Putting the 2 together in the right balance produced an amazing result.
DIYFS Butter Rum made for a smooth, rich, buttery lightly spiced rum flavor that is perfect for soaking a pound cake. CAP Golden Pineapple finished the glazed topping with a great cooked pineapple taste.

You can find both DIYFS flavors in the links below:
And if you want to save 20% off of all DIYFS flavorings, I have an affiliate code to share with anyone: LianazVapin20

I sweetened it all with my favorite combo of Nude Nicotine's Stevia and Monk Fruit extract.

POD version I mixed for a SMOK Nord. This recipe was modified to 1.5 times the strength of the original, but kept at 70VG/30PG, according to the recommendations of the Nord's instruction manual.

A recipe for my friend who loves the pure taste of a freshly bitten into peach. Nothing more or less, no other fruits, just peach! He will not allow any other flavors we know work with peaches, like nectarine, but this worked as a surprisingly balanced peach.
FA White Peach provided the true authentic peach high notes.
HS Juicy Peach provides the deep riper notes of a peach.
JF Honey Peach provides the sweet mouth watering juiciness.

I use Nude Nicotine's sweeteners, but feel free to sub with the sweetener of your choice.

My husband loves the grapefruit gummy candies from Eddie's World, so I am doing my best to replicate them. They come in both pink and white grapefruit options, both are good, so this recipe will probably end up somewhere between the two flavors. It actually turned out pretty well and he loves it.

CAP Jelly candy was the choice for texture and base.
VTA Sugar Cane was used for the natural taste of the granular sugar coating, but I kept it low to avoid any carmelized taste.
CAP Grapefruit makes up the main sweeter part of the grapefruit profile, and I used IN White grapefruit to provide the zesty higher notes.
NN Citric Acid added the perfect amount of tartness, without being bitter.
I sweetened with equal parts of NN Stevia and NN Monk Fruit Extract. Feel free to sub the 2 of those with a sweetener of your choice, but this recipe does need sweetener to be a candy.

Mixed at 70VG, SNV, but better the next day.

A recipe for my friend who loves the pure taste of a freshly bitten into peach. Nothing more or less, no other fruits, just peach! He will not allow any other flavors we know work with peaches, like nectarine, but this worked as a surprisingly balanced peach.
FA White Peach provided the true authentic peach high notes.
HS Juicy Peach provides the deep riper notes of a peach.
JF Honey Peach provides the sweet mouth watering juiciness.

I use Nude Nicotine's sweeteners, but feel free to sub with the sweetener of your choice.

User: LianazVapin Score: 4 Entered: 3 months ago
Saw it, read it, mixed it, shook it, vaped it... good simple recipe. I added my natural sweeteners at .6% for my sweet tooth. Ty!
User: LianazVapin Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
Yummy! I did switch the VBIC to LB VIC. Thanks.
User: LianazVapin Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
Absolute brilliance! If you haven't tried this, then just do it; you will not be disappointed. I mixed this without the Cap Super Sweet, subbed with a combo of NN Monk Fruit & Stevia, and it is an amazing flavor profile, a great work. Then I poured some into a small 6ml and added 1 drop of DIYFS Clear Black Cherry, mind blown, the balance of flavors held it's place! You are a true master of mixing AlfredPudding, and I am truly grateful to have you as a mixing influence.
User: LianazVapin Score: 4 Entered: about 2 months ago
I mixed this for my husband and he enjoys it. The Strawberry faded for me, but his focus in on the lemonade. Good recipe
User: LianazVapin Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
This is a 100% solid banger of a recipe! If you haven't made this recipe, do yourself a favor, make sure you have the ingredients that are needed and mix it up. If you love Peach, I promise you will not regret it. I am thinking a recipe of the year contender. Excellent job, Emily, props to U!!
User: LianazVapin Score: 5 Entered: about 1 month ago
This is a very well balanced, light, and refreshing vape. It is hard to describe the flavors, so I will just say I agree with the other two reviews before me. It is like a light spring rain, gentle but vibrant. Definitely worth mixing and waiting for the 5 day steep. Alfred, you have an amazing palette and your artistry never ceases to amaze me, thanks for another great mix.
User: LianazVapin Score: 5 Entered: 23 days ago
Goldfish18, I am enjoying this recipe, thanks for a great vape. I had the pleasure of receiving your one shots from a friend to try and I am very impressed. I don't have a bunch of fancy words for you, and they already exist in the reviews here! So I can tell everyone to mix this, you won't be disappointed!
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