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Just created this today, give it a mix and tell me what you think.


Just a quick recipe I threw together. I was very surprised and have been vaping it non stop!


Juust wanted a different lemonade and threw this together. Shake and Vapeable. Sorry for the lack of notes, not that serious of a recipe.

My strawberry cream mix. I get pepper from a lot of vanilla flavors so INW Vanilla Cream is one of the best flavors I've ever tried. Shake and Vape, best after 2 days tho .

I just created this today. Will update as time goes on. Off the shake and vape on the inhale you get a sweet soft candy like lemon. on the exhale you get a sweet candy like strawberry. Really loving this even as a shake and vape.

Inspired. No notes. First recipe. Wanted a simple strawberry vape so threw this together. Age 4 or so days.

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