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🏷️ A sweet, warm and rich kompot styled beverage with a deep red twist.

Info: Kompot is a syrupy slow stewed, fruity beverage served hot, cold or room temperature. It is a drink made of fruits and / or berries (fresh or dried) or a combination of both.

Top: Dragon Fruit with its smooth and mellow flavor is paired with a dark but vibrant Pomegranate flavor. Together, they are the core this recipe is built upon. To add contrast to these dark red fruits, as well as add a level of brightness; Glazed Strawberry and Strawberry, Sweet (JF) were added. Together these two strawberries make for a fresh, sweet and sticky Strawberry flavor.

Base: To give this warm, thick, and syrupy beverage body and weight - Quince and Pear were added. Quince and Pear, with their fleshy, smooth and dense texture stabilize and soften the tarter mixed fruits in this recipe; adding with them subtle notes of a Rome apple and a sweet cooked Red Bartlett styled pear. These two flavors also compliment the soft pear-like notes I find in the Dragon Fruit.

To finish off this fruity recipe and add a layer of juicy citrus zest, Sweet Orange was added along with a touch of Sweetener – to help complete the sweet beverage profile.

🔹 Created for Mixin Vixens Ep.48: https://youtu.be/U3--UKh_nZ8

Live Mixing Recipe created for: SaturDIY'ing with fresh03 and Friends: Ladies Takeover 2!


⭐NOTE* Oatmeal in this recipe is Oatmeal & Milk (FE) - This flavor has not yet been added to ATF⭐


🏷️ An Avocado, Banana, & Cheesecake Milkshake recipe with bits of Oatmeal.

At the front is a mild and authentic creamy Avocado and semi-ripe natural Banana. At the base; a creamy milkshake utilizing LB's Vanilla Ice Cream and FA's Premium custard. The milkshake base is complimented with FE's Oatmeal & Milk along with INW's fatty and rich Yes, We Cheesecake; providing a nice thick finish.

➧Tested Live same day, it is a balanced mix with mild avocado notes with stronger banana notes. I would like to see how this steeps out after 1 - 2 weeks. The addition of FW Sweetener @ 0.25% is optional.

🏷️A rich and creamy Pacific Islander inspired 2 layer ice cream cake with a light sponge cake bottom.The lovely ice cream layer is folded with nutty Taro, fresh Banana, and sweet Coconut.


Vanilla Ice Cream in this mix is paired with creamy Banana Custard & a nutty potato-esque Taro. Balanced together they create a bright, sweet and tropical ice cream flavor.

The Sweet Coconut & Desiccated coconut in this recipe not only complement the Banana Custard and Taro, they add richness to the bottom white cake layer. Love's role has a dual purpose as a cake and ice cream enhancer. With its rich cream, light white chocolate notes, and accents of fluffy white cake it rounds out the base; adding dimension and weight to the overall mix.

This recipe is sweet on its own. If you would like to add sweetener, I would suggest FW Sweetener at 0.25% or under.

🔹Recipe created for: DOD's Noted. Ep. 62 - Yam / Ube / Taro (ft. Fresh03, Leilani, Slasha)


🏷️ A sweet cream corn mousse stuffed into a golden choux pastry. 🌽

Corn and Devon Cream are married together; creating a buttery, sweet, cream corn styled mousse. The vanilla accented tapioca styled Pudding Base, with its lightly chewy and creamy texture stabilizes the core filling. It not only enriches and thickens the mousse, it simultaneously enhances the subtle vanilla notes found in the soft and fluffy Devon Cream.

To create the crispy Puff Pastry, Shortbread Cookies and Croissant were combined. The warm, dry biscuit styled Shortbread Cookies serves as the toasted and crispy outer layer of the puff pastry; while Croissant serves as the soft and lightly flaky innermost layer. Combined these two flavors create a well-rounded light croux pastry.


Made for Mixin Vixens Ep.24

🏷️ A sweet and tart cherry, pear, and apple strudel. These fruits have been coated with rich warm cinnamon and powdered sugar, then baked inside a toasted buttery pastry. I hope you enjoy it.

Cherry Extract & Amarena Cherry combine to make a sweet, tart, and lightly blossom-esque pie filling styled cherry right up front. Followed by a flavorful, juicy, and bright cooked Pear Apple flavor; made by combining Ripe Pear and Shisha Apple. The inherent tart notes found in these fruity flavors are offset and balanced with a touch of Powdered Sugar and cooked with a coating of warm Rich Cinnamon.

Apple Pie not only serves as a solid pastry base, it’s light fresh apple flavors helps to bridge the gap between the apple and pear top notes. Almond Cookie and Croissant help support the Apple Pie by fortifying the warm buttery bakery notes; rounding out the toasted pastry flavor.

📌 Note – FLV’s Rich Cinnamon is very potent and can easily overpower the mix. A dilution is recommended; however, I used the toothpick method. Literally ½ of ½ a drop is more than enough.


Made for MixinVixens Ep.21

🏷️ A buttery graham cracker coated blondie with rich white chocolate; sprinkled with warm roasted pecans and finished with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Love and White Chocolate are married together; creating a lightly buttery creamy white chocolate with light hints of vanilla. Roasted Pecans and Cream shares the spotlight with white chocolate; bringing with it a creamy, warm, and nutty accent.

Yellow Cake, Golden Butter, and Graham combine to make the buttery graham cracker crusted blondie base. Caramel Original is used to act as a binder and enhancer to the base; adding a sticky caramelized brown sugar and maple sweetness.

Supporting Note:
Vanilla Ice Cream Blend 3, with its bright vanilla accents and fluffy dairy cream texture finishes off the recipe. It not only serves as an ice cream layer, it helps to add a bit more body to the white chocolate top notes; while simultaneously softening some of the sharper edges found in the blondie base.

🔹Optional - Sweetener (FW) 0.25 - 0.5%
This recipe is sweet on its own however feel free to add a touch of sweetener. I would recommend to start low around 0.25%.


Made for Mixin Vixens Ep.23


🏷️ A buttery and rich peach cobbler with a island twist.

Juicy Peach and Apricot combine to make a bright, ripe nectar styled peach flavor. The lightly citrusy and soft peach-like Persimmon plays well with these two flavors, adding with it a complex tropical note.

Biscuit (INW) and Croissant combine to make a rich, and buttery crumble base. Biscuit (SilverLine) rounds out the base by enhancing the toasted bakery notes; while also adding a soft coconut finish to the crumbly crust.

Lastly, a touch of sweetener is added in order to complete sweet bakery profile.


Made for Mixin Vixens Ep.22

A bright, smooth and sweet tropical jelly bean. At the top Jackfruit "Langka" and Guanabana "Guyabano" (FLV) create a smooth & lightly creamy tropical blend. Combined, these flavors are an amalgamation of a smooth honeydew/canary melon, citrus pineapple, and a ripe soft apple with a hint of banana. The Ripe Banana (FR) fortifies the subtle banana note found in both these flavors; intensifying the creaminess and also softening the sharper citrus notes.

These 3 tropical flavors blend nicely into the Candy Base (VG RF); which is a sweet, smooth & syrupy jelly bean - like flavor. Complete with a noticeable warm confectioner sugar note and mild waxiness.


Recipe Illustration by Leilani H. 2018
♥️ Created for #MixinVixens - Mixin Vixens Ep.2 (YouTube)

Update 3/18/2018
Thanks goes to Concrete River, Shyndo, and Graham for reviewing my recipe! I appreciate all the compliments & constructive feedback on Mixin Vixens Ep.5. I will start by dropping the JF Yellow Cake by 1/3 to equal 2%. I will also try some other variants; like the addition of Chocolate. (_)


A light, sweet and soft banana chiffon cake topped with macadamia nuts and nutty bakery styled tobaccos.The tobacco flavors contained in this recipe are "non-tobacco tobaccy" flavors. To me they are rich bakery accents - sweet, nutty, hints of vanilla; with little to no discernible ash, dry leaf, woody or leather flavors. This is a mellow, soft nutty bakery recipe made for the newbie tobacco enthusiasts in mind. I hope you enjoy it.

INW's nutty, biscuit like 555 Gold tobacco flavor combines with VTA's creamy and rich Macadamia Nut to create a flavorful roasted nut at the top; accented by Sweet Tobacco (PUR) - a sweet, nutty, bakery like non-tobacco tobaccy flavor.

JF's Yellow Cake combined with Banana (Hangsen) Ripe Banana (FR), & Banana Sweet Cream (OOO) create a light, sweet, smooth and fluffy banana chiffon cake at the base.


Recipe Illustration by Leilani H. 2018
♥️ Created for #MixinVixens - Mixin Vixens Ep.4 (YouTube)


Biko is a Filipino rice cake made of sticky rice, coconut cream, coconut milk, and brown sugar. Some recipes include butter; which is always a welcomed addition in the recipe, but not required. This is a traditional Filipino sweet and sticky rice cake that was often eaten during the holidays or during parties when I was small.

For this recipe, I wanted to capture this rich, delicious, and very much loved dessert my mother would make for us.

It is very tasty right away but 1 week steep would be optimal.

♥️ I hope you enjoy it ♥️

★Q & A

• Question: Is this very sweet?
• Answer: Yes. On a sweetness scale: 1 (not sweet) - 5 (very sweet). I would rank it a 4.5.

If you do not prefer added sweeteners like Super Sweet - feel free to substitute with Meringue. Or feel free to leave the sweetener out. It is nice & sweet on its own.

• Question: Can I mix at a higher VG ratio?
• Answer: Sure thing. 70/30, 80/20, whichever you prefer. However I would increase the steeping time. Approx. 1.5 - 2 weeks.

Photo Credit: Maria K

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@Coilspotting - I am a female DIY'er and illustrator. I don't find the illustration of this fictional character sexist. A sexual / sensual characterization of a Mother Dragon, sure.
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The Creme De Menthe(s) and Devon Cream work really well together in this recipe; making for a very smooth and refreshing mint flavor that I taste on the inhale and exhale. The dark chocolate & mild yeastiness of the Chocolate Deutsch marries nicely together with buttery JF Biscuit; helped along with a touch of AP. Although Chocolate Deutsch has a strong coconut flavor on it's own, I do not taste it in this recipe. Combined, these flavors make for a very tasty, well bodied, and refreshing vape. Wonderful job.
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