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This is my take on a Coconut Horchata. I paired CAP Horchata with TFA Horchata Smooth. Together they build a nice body, creaminess and foundation. Considering Horchata already has a hint of cinnamon, I'm only adding 2.5% of FW Cinnamon Roll. I also didn't want cinnamon to stand out too much in the recipe. For the Coconut I'm using TFA Coconut Candy. By far this is my favorite of all the other coconut flavors. It really stands out. My go to milk base is always VT Milk Base. IMO it's the most authentic milk flavor. I've tried the recipe as a shake n vape and it's quite good but I would give it 3 days so all the creaminess can settle in. Try it and give me your feedback..... Enjoy!!

Creamy and decadent.... Dark and Rich.....Simple yet eloquent.......

This is my take on a simple Chocolate Custard. The VT Chocolate Custard is the star of the show. By itself the VT Chocolate Custard is a great single mix flavor but I wanted to add a little more depth to it. At 5%, it seems to be the sweet spot. I added some VT Pudding Base to give it more depth, body and creaminess. The FA Meringue is used as the pie'ce de re'sistance. It blends all the flavors together. Enjoy!

This is my take on a thick and creamy glass of Chocolate Milk. The OOO Cream Milky Undertone really makes the FLV Milk Chocolate stand out. My favorite Milk base for any recipe is VT Milk Fresh and it didn't disappoint. The VT Sweet Cream gives a thicker creaminess to the recipe and gives it that cohesiveness. Sweetener is optional but I prefer a little sweetness to round out the recipe.

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