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"Throw shit at a wall and see what sticks" is what a great man once said.
That's exactly what I did with this recipe. I craved for fruit salad, so I picked up any flavors that looked like they could belong in a fruit salad, used the recommended percentages ELR back then gave me and voilĂ  - my current ADV was born

Honestly, I feel like there is lots of room for improvements. I'm currently playing a lot with this but I feel like this is good enough to put it out there. Good enough that I vape this stuff since months everyday.

(Sweetener is optional. I simply used it because I like it sweet)


Imagine the feeling you have on a hot summer day. Maybe chilling with some friends at home in your garden, maybe on the beach. You're thirsty so you grab one of these bottles as shown in the thumbnail, and you feel as if you're in heaven. This is the feeling this recipe tries to capture.

My goal was to recreate the taste of one of these as accurately as possible. After tweaking V1 some more, I think I even got a bit closer to it.
TPA - Sweet Tea: I went with this, because when I originally smelled it, it smelled just like this particular tea I was trying to recreate. I used it at 6% because it builds our Tea Base and is a fairly weak flavor.
FA - Black Tea: This tea provides the bitterness you can taste in this drink. Since it's a very intense flavor, I used it at 0.5% to get that bitter sidenote, but kept it low so it won't be too overpowering.
CAP - Juicy Lemon: Imagine making a tea and not adding some citrus to it. Who on earth would do such thing? That's why we have 2% of this juicy lemon in there, to get a nice citrus touch, but as well, keep it on the ground.
CAP - Super Sweet: Some people like it sweet, some don't. I do, and since the drink itself is very sweet, I decided to go with an astounding 0.25 Super Sweet.
Last but not least, to top everything off, TPA - Juicy Peach: To be honest, this is where I was really unsure. I think though, Juicy Peach provides a really nice top note. On it's own, it smells like a very rich, natural Peach. That's why I decided to throw some
FA - White Peach in there as well. It smells much less intense, but really candy-like. It reminds me of the taste of those Haribo Peaches, if anyone knows those.
Also, I used some WS-23 to really give it an "iced" feeling. I used it at 0.5 since I haven't used it often, but you can definitely use more of it :)


User: Korlimann Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
I was really afraid I might not like it when I mixed this up. I'm not a fan of the bacco's at all, but the way RY4 blends in with the rest of flavours is just pure heaven. I really love those slight Milk and Honey sidenotes you sometimes get while vaping this, and the Vanilla that somehow pulls and holds all of this together, while the Pistachio does what it's supposed to do. Deliver a f*ckton of pistachio-goodness. If you like Pistachio - go mix this up right now
User: Korlimann Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
If you like a fresh lemonade every now and then, this is your absolute go to. LA Lemonade has to be one of the best, if not THE best Lemonade base there is, imho. There might be a better choice for a raspberry than TFAs Raspberry (sweet), but I mixed a lot with it and personally I like the raspberry flavor it gives a lot, although some might not as much. TFA Raspberry just has this juicy raspberry sweetness which I think blends really well with a drink. Might not do much for a raspberry cupcake or other stuff, but for drinks it fits pretty well. The strawberry gives the raspberry a small boost and makes the drink more fruity and refreshing, and FA Lemon Sicily does a great job in rounding everything together, and provides a hint of lemony flavor in there. The only problem I really see with the recipe is, that TFA Strawberry (ripe) is known to fade a bit, so there might have been a better choice for the strawberry, and this way you shouldn't mix too much of this recipe and vape it quickly, otherwise flavor might change. But since it's only used at 1% and a bit of fading shouldn't really affect the recipe too much (at least, I didn't notice any great changes in flavor), it's still a 5 for me. Great job with this recipe!
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