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This recipe was inspired by Grack Juice by Philosaphucker. It's a flavor unto it's own, and isn't really based on anything. It does have a nice Kiwi taste, with some back notes of strawberry, and is accented by the cactus well. What ties everything together is the Cucumber, with it's cool relaxing flavor, and that bitter Rhind note to contrast the sweet fruits. The Koolada smooths everything out, and wraps the whole experience up in a one of a kind flavor that is easy to vape all day. The Toasted Marshmallow is added to lighten and sweeten the mix, and add that little something special over regular Marshmallow.

The lime and blackcurrant are just supporting flavors to keep the mix bright and vibrant, and they work to that end very well.

After 3 days, the mix comes together as a sweet, and bright mix with an excellent and different flavor. The cucumber kinda takes a back seat, but lends to the juicy wetness of the mix. The fruits and cactus blend together and the koolada comes down just a bit.


So I've finally made something worth sharing, and man is it good! This is a simple and authentic Lemon Meringue Pie, with a sweet gram crust.

i'm vaping this on the 528 customs Goon with a dual-coil build at .13 ohm and at 72 watts.

The key is in using Cheesecake Graham Crust with Sugar Cookie. The graham crust adds the texture of the crust, and adds some body to the Meringue, and the sugar cookie adds flavor and makes the crust pop more. It doesn't come across as a cookie, but more as a sweet graham cracker crust.

The vanilla custard adds a good weight to the whole recipe, and the fresh cream helps hold down the egg flavor from overpowering the whole profile. Meringue was a no-brainer, and the lemon sicily comes through without being too sharp and tart.

Over all, this vapes really smooth, and has just the right amount of sweetness. It really needs about 3-5 days steeping time, because the crust flavors are a little gritty/ cardboard texture. But, after a little steep, that texture fades and out comes a very distinct crust flavor on the exhale.

The inhale is a nice sweet meringue with a touch of lemon, and the hold gives you a nice tart/tangy lemon filling.

It all comes together for a nice balanced recipe without any added sweetener. You could probably add a little EM if you wanted. May balance the crust a little better

Well, it's a great vape using common flavors, mix up a batch and let me know what you think!

I mixed this at 3 mg nic with nic select nic from nic river
tested on a 528 Custom Goon with one coil and 1-2 air holes open at .26 ohm 50 watts

the vape is smooth and flavorful, sweet, but not too sweet and it's tangy.
Reminds me of a blue sweet-tart almost, but not quite that tangy, maybe a blue razzberry jolly rancher?
It could easily be an all day vape, and i'll definitely be mixing up more of this in the future.

Although, it takes a few hours/ 1 day to work the alcohol taste out of the blue razz, but it's still a good vape, just a bit of a throat hit.

I'll be updating these notes after i finish the first 100ml i mixed up, just in case anything changes, or if a short steep changes any of the flavors.

but for now, if anyone is looking for a really low flavor% juice, consider grabbing some RF Blue Razz and giving this a try!

EDIT: It's been 3 days, and the throat hit is way down now, much better vape. Though I think the Bilberry is bringing the sweetness down just a tad too much. I would suggest adding a bit of super sweet, just adjust to tastes.

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