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I have always felt weird about vaping anything energy drink. Mainly due to bad experiences, but with faitth in Flavorah and actually liking their energy drink, I figured it was time to make my own.

Am I an avid energy drink drinker? Not really, but I have had one with mango that I really liked, so it was obvious that was what I would base my recipe on.

In current state I have been through a few versions of this. All in all, it's a relatively simple profile, so most of the changes I have made has been adjusting the FLV Energy drink and fiddling with different sort of mangos.
One of the first mangos I tried this recipe with was FLV Sweet Mango alone around 2%. It gave the taste of mango, but there was a floral note that I didn't think was fitting. So I added in FLV Ripe Mango later around 2% which got rid of the floral note more or less. Version after this was adjusting these, so not much fun.

I have now replaced FLV Sweet Mango with VT SHisha Mango, due to its aswesome syrup ability. I mean, it is a sort of sweet disgusting beverage I'm making, right? So syrup is a must.
I still like the notes of FLV Ripe Mango, as it sticks around a little with some more natural notes.

The actual beverage itself is pretty simple. FLV Energy Drink is rocking the show. I pulled in FLV Citrus Soda in an earlier version and kept it for the fizz and the citrus. I didn't want to take it too high as I really just needed the fizz while the citrus goes pretty well with mango and doesn't overpower anything.
CAP Lemon Lime is soley there for the sake of the mango.
If you've never had mango with a splash of lemon or lime juice, you haven't really lived. CAP Lemon Lime really accompany the mano in this recipe and helps out the FLV Citrus Soda and FLV Energy Drink too.

CAP Super Sweet is just there for my personal preference, although I'd argue that it should be kept in as it is a disgustring sweet beverage I'm making. You do you though and if you're scared of sweetener, then leave it out. I assume other sweeteners can be used too, but I can't guarantee anything.

I'd suggest 1 day steep at least, to take the edges off of FLV Citrus Soda, as it is pretty heavy right off the bat. But if you wan't to SnV it, then you can do so with no issues.


There aren't much to say about this. I was in the mood for something minty, without using cooling like koolada or WS-23 (cause I don't like that).

When I made the original recipe, I had a ton of PUR Butter Mint on hand (I actually still do), but I felt the reciped needed an update, since PUR Butter Mint (for whatever silly reason) is discontinued. FLV came to my rescue and released FLV Mint Candy, which I figured could be a good new edition instead.

I also added in FLV Vanilla Pudding, to make the vanilla a little more present in the mix, along with lowering the FLV Peppermint to 0.25% as it was quite strong at 0.5%

For the rest it's the same old. Vanilla being there for the mint to have a nice soft pillow to sit on, and INW Shisha Vanilla still pairs well with FLV Mint Candy. Vanilla Swirl softens up the edges.

Super Sweet is only there for my personal preference and I’d argue that it has a function in this recipe, but if you’re one of those die-hard-non-sweetener types, then leave it out. Use whatever sweetener or none if you like. I'm disgusting like that.

Let it sit for 3 days and you're good to go.


Don’t get me wrong. The original recipe is actually really good.

But I wanted to see, if I couldn’t improve it somehow and maybe make it a little bit more European.

So the first I did was to switch out FW Black Licorice with CAP Licorice.
I find that CAP Licorice has a more true European taste to it than its counterpart FW has. It’s probably the most European style black licorice you can find on the market in current state.

I wanted to fiddle with the banana part too.
I find VT Banana Custard a much more fitting flavor to use, as it’s a little bit more gooey in texture that will support the marshmallow, plus the banana flavor is a little more candy-ish.

Changed the CAP Super Sweet to fit the more modern devices.

Skipped touching TFA Marshmallow as I find it does exactly what it should do in the original recipe.

1 day steep to polish off the sharp edges, but works perfectly fine as SnV if you don’t mind the sharpness of CAP Licorice.


Profile: Waffle with banana and a splash of whipped cream

So one of the commercial juices that I really enjoyed vaping, was Double Drip Coil Sauce Strawberry Banana Waffle. Although i could never really taste the strawberry, it was rich in waffle and banana.
My intend with this is not to make an exact clone, but something along the lines of it, since I really enjoy that profile.
It's pretty straight forward.

The waffle itself is just MB Classic Belgian Waffle and SSA Crisp Waffle. I find it gives a pretty delicious mixture of crispy and buttery gooey waffle at the same time. I had MB Classic Belgian Waffle at 2.5% to begin with, but it was a tad too high and I noticed an odd mucus off-note. Much better around 2%.
SSA Crisp Waffle has gone up and down a little bit in this recipe. I landed on 1%, where it was previously 1.5% and 2%, which was a tad too high and the waffle got a bit too crispy like a cone. The goal is to strike a balance between a soft buttery waffle that still has a bit of a crunchy texture. And I think this is it.

VT Banana Custard handles the banana on its own perfectly fine and even supports the cream a little too. I don't want it to be an absolute dominant flavor, but just there enough to be blended well with the waffle, so 2% is perfectly fine.

The cream is rather simple and doesn't play a major role, but will give a good supporting mouth feel and some creamy vibes. TFA Vanilla Swirl was a last-minute addition, but I felt like I was missing it in the mix for a hint of vanilla and a good support to the TFA Whipped Cream.

SSA Milky Caramel Fudge is used as a sauce kind of type. Not a major role, but I needed it for a nuance in the mix that kinda goes well with everything else. I pushed it a little high, but around 1.5% and 2% I didn't really feel it was there. So hence the 2.5%, which still feels a little on the low side, but it reach the intended goal.

Relatively short steep of 5 days, since nothing in the mix really needs that long to settle.

Add in somes sweetener if you like. I'll let that be up to you.


Art by Dico/Zany


Let the drums of war sound as we march into battle in the frozen lands!

Since I did Frost Punk, I wanted to combine FLV Peppermint with licorice. It's black as night and cold as winter. I guess it kinda describes my mood sometimes.

The licorice is my own little combination.

I find CAP Licorice at 2% and FA Black Touch at 1% very fitting for your typical european style licorice. Just about enough salmiak and anise to make it great.
FLV Peppermint adds hefty and cold mint that goes well with the black tones of licorice.
FA Meringue adds a little sweetness and texture to the mix.

Add sweetener of your own choice if you like.

Super simple no bullshit recipe.

SnV worthy, but I tend to let FLV Peppermint sit overnight or a 24h period to kinda balance itself.

There aren't much to say about this. I was in the mood for something icy and minty, without using cooling like koolada or WS-23 (cause I don't like that).

I love both FLV Peppermint and PUR Butter Mint as they give me exactly what I wanted.

Vanilla is there to give the mint a nice soft pillow to sit on and some good nice mouthfeel. INW Shisha Vanilla really pairs well with the buttery sweetness PUR Butter Mint has. TFA Vanilla Swirl helps FLV Peppermint a lot with sharpening off the rough edges it can have.

Super Sweet is only there for my personal preference. Use whatever sweetener or none if you like. I'm disgusting like that.

Let it sit for 2-3 days and you're good to go.


Back in the early days of 2019, before the world went to shit thanks to COVID19 and politicians didn't spread it to each other, @Alfredpudding @eyemakepizza and yours truly decided, that we were in the need of a damn good key lime pie.
So we set sails trying to create what we thought would be the best damn key lime pie we could make.

The pie crust itself is simply just made using TFA Cheesecake (graham crust), INW Yes, We Cheesecake and CAP Graham Cracker.
The filling is super simple, using TFA Bavarian Cream, VT Shisha Lime (which really to us is the best damn lime in current state) and a pinch of meringue. TFA Cheesecake (graham crust) obviously help the filling too.

It's a simple and pretty straight forward recipe, but it stands to prove that you don't need that many ingredients to make something utterly delicious and authentic.

We never got around to uploading this recipe, so now is the time to do so.



Profile: Sesame dough ball with vanilla pudding filling

The journey to make this recipe has been long, but I'm very satisfied with the outcome.
Despite the simplicity of the recipe, the end result is a very complex flavor, that adds two layers of contrast to the mix.

To create the sesame dough ball, I tried various combinations of WF Sesame Dough with all kinds of bakeries. Everywhere from FA Cookie, to WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough, CAP Sugar Cookie etc. But every time, I found myself getting further and further away from the simplicity that I really wanted from a sesame ball. So in the end, I had to come to realize, that WF Sesame Dough on its own actually worked perfectly fine.
It has a sharpness of toasted sesame, but keeps the warmth and don't overdo the sharpness at all. It's nice and round in flavor and a little sticky in texture.
To help the stickiness be more upfront, I added a pinch of FA Meringue.

Concerning the pudding, I went though time and time again to figure out exactly what I wanted. I knew FLV Vanilla Pudding needed to be in this, as it has the great ability to be thick, almost borderline disgusting, but handled correctly you can get some really nice results with it.
To add a sort of eggy note to the filling, I danced around a few custards such as FA Custard Premium, FA Custard, but I always landed right back on INW Custard, as it brings those exact eggy notes I was after and doesn't add any taste that I didn't really need there.
To bridge the INW Custard and FLV Vanilla pudding, I'm using TFA Vanilla Swirl and its ability to smoothen everything out.
FA Meringue again brings a little sweetness and stickiness to the filling.

The contrast here is, that you'll start with the toasted sesame and a hint of dough. Before you know it, you're hit with the vanilla filling. Exactly as if you were actually eating a sesame ball with a vanilla filling.

This recipe is inspired by the vietnamese dessert "Báhn Cam", which usually consist of a mung bean filling, but despite me lacking any sort of bean flavor, it works perfectly fine with a vanilla filling instead.

Let it steep at least the recommended 5 days for the best result.


Thumbnail design by @Zany


Profile: Creamy vanilla rice pudding with a hint of cardamom

Quote @Zany: "Unlike Traditional Chinese Medicine - This will actually make you erect!"


We wanted to make a delicious rice pudding with hints of spices and vanilla without actually making it too thick and disgusting.
@Zany aka. Dico and I sat down and looked over which flavors we had that would fit such a profile.

The very first version contained VT Thai Sticky Rice, FM Pistachio, VT Yoghurt Drink, FLV Vanilla Pudding and TFA Whipped Cream.
To begin with, we only had VT Thai Sticky Rice on the table for the rice base, but we kinda figured out that it wasn’t enough rice so we introduced FE Sweet Rice to the mix.
At some point, we also had FM Pistachio in the mix, but the more we huffed and puffed, the more we kinda figured that it didn’t really quite fit in for what we were going for.
Pretty early in, it was decided that FA Cardamom would maybe be an awesome addition, so it was added. It somehow didn’t clash very well with VT Yoghurt drink, which also were just kinda weird, so we scrapped VT Yoghurt Drink early on.
Final addition to the line-up was FLV Sweet Coconut and it all just fell into place.

Concerning the taste of this mix, it’s not overly strong on the rice taste as VT Thai Sticky Rice comes with a hint of a spice note. It’s there to add some depth in the mix.
In combination with some notes of vanilla, coconut, a little cream to bind it all together and a wonderful warm and round taste of cardamom as a finisher, it’s a twirl of flavors that dances in your gob.

Please do let it sit for about 5 days to let it all blend in nicely together.


Thumbnail design by: @Zany

Profile: Caramel infused taffy with a kick of peppermint

Been screwing and chewing around with FLV Peppermint thanks to @Zany, despite the fact that yours truly hates everything cool.
But I was drawn to the peppermint flavor much more rather than just having a cool element in my mix.
I do love a good caramel and peppermint candy however, so I set sails to make it into a vape that I could enjoy all year around.

Lets break it down!

The Taffy Chew:

To create the texture I decided to go with FW Salt Water Taffy as the main note. This adds both a little sweetness and a little texture to the mix.
I wanted to enhance the texture, making it more thick (as if it would be sticking to your teeth), so for a more waxy and sticky texture note I my choice fell on CAP Butter Cream to complete the waxy and stickiness.
For a little bit of mouthfeel, just so it didn't feel like that I would be chewing a flavored candle light, I threw in some TFA Vanilla Swirl. It makes it chewy, but round and nice in texture and adds a hint of sweetness and creaminess without actual cream.

The Caramel Mint:

I have always found the mixture of FW Caramel (salted) and FA Butterscotch to be a perfect caramel taste for me. It brings the best of both worlds, so it was an easy choice for me combine those two.
Concerning percentages of the two, they are just about enough to not be disgusting, but gives a nice round warm mouthfeel on the inhale, that really coveres your tongue in caramel goodiness.
On the exhale, you'll get a good serious kick of the FLV Peppermint in both terms of cooling and the nice sharp peppermint taste, while the caramel still lingers and dances around. I experimented with FLV Peppermint around 0.5% which i found to be way too much and it just took over. I find 0.25% to be just perfect, to still keep some sharpness without it feels like you're vaping razorblades.
FA Meringue is being used in this case to create a shade of candy and doesn't really do much other than exactly that.

To complete the candy, but not stated in the recipe above due to the preference of people, I added in about 0.25% CAP Super Sweet. I find that it adds the sugarlips that I myself like from candy, but the recipe works fine without it really. It all comes down to whether or not you as mixer tend to use it.

Concerning a steep, this really needs the advised 3 days of steep. Off the shake the FLV Peppermint is a tad too harsh and the caramels haven't developed yet at all, so please follow my advise and let it sit for 3 days.

User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 9 days ago
Despite the age of this recipe, it still works! Nice solid buttery cinnamon taste. I reach for this a few times a week when I really want to indulge myself. Good stuff!
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Considering the age of this recipe, it still goddamn works! Maybe a bit heavy on the cinnamon, but I don't have issue with that. It has some serious nice buttery goodness going on and that vanilla note from CAP Vanilla Custard is very welcoming. I very much enjoy this.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Delivered as promised. This one is very simple, but very good! It's one of those that gets better over a few days, although it does the job perfectly fine as SnV. I usually have it with t work with some other flavors, but I mainly grab for this one. Bonus: This was the recipe that made me like CAP Sugar Cookie as I hated it before. Good shit!
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Pure and prime example of how awesome CAP Sugar Cookie really is. Nice and buttery, little bit eggy from the meringue and the TFA Bana Cream and CAP Sugar Cookie is a match made in heaven. This is some delicious good stuff.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Damnit this is still some good shit! And it has taught me, that I have been using FLV Milk Chocolate wrong all this time. Good solid banana shake with some delicious chocolate sauce right on the top. This will be such a guilty pleasure vape for me and I love it. The layers are fantastic, despite the age this recipe has. Good shit!
User: Kittybit Score: 2 Entered: about 2 years ago
Way too aggressive on the Sweet Tangerine, which sadly makes this mix harsh. The pineapple, Kiwi and mango all gets muted by the tangerine. Makes it taste incredible synthetic and not particulary good.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I fail to see, how I can be the first to review this. Because oh dear lord, this is fantastic! Even though it's a very simpel recipe only using one cola to run the show, it does it gracefully. FA Cola brings both the nice - almost too sweet, and a good amount of fizz. The little touch of cinnamon was a clever move here as it adds some great dimension to the mix. But the INW Marzipan is the winner in this mix. What it does to the remaining ingredients is just fantastic! The cooling I sadly had to sub, as it's very difficult to find DS around here, let alone DS Ice, but a little WS-23 did the trick.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
No more. No Less. Simply perfection.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 5 days ago
Oooohhhh dear. This tickles me in all the right places. An absolute masterpiece of a recipe very well crafted. Sweet, doughy with a great texture and fantastic mouthfeel. I love it.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is indeed fall in a bottle! The leafy flavor from FLV Virginia hints just a pinch of tobacco, which works very well with the fuji and the spices. It's warm and very comfortable to vape. The taste of this liquid will lead your min onto the colors of fall. Very, very nice indeed. Great job, Alfred!
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
The citrus combo here is what young people would call "da bomb". A truly perfect blend that doesn't need anything to carry it. This is really how sunshine tastes like and it's amazing.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
You really need to like fig to like this juice. Luckily, I do. It's buttery nice with a heavy note of fig to it. I have no idea how a Fig Newtons is supposed to taste like, but this tastes like something from my childhood that was probably much like a fig newtons. Pretty good flavor!
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
This was a pleasent vape to try! I was a bit on the fence about the profile, but I had to try it and I'm glad that I did. It's round in flavor, the cinnamon aren't very aggressive, but adds a nice warm spice note to the mango. Very smooth and delicious recipe for sure.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Fantastic Butter Pecan Pie! While recommended steep is 12 days, I gave it 21 days and it was stunning.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
When I stumbled over this recipe, two warnings signs immediately flashed in my mind: The 1.5% INW Biscuit and CAP Funnel Cake, as INW Biscuit tends to get very dry and CAP Funnel Cake has a terrible habit of turning into play dough. But you know what? They oddly work great in this recipe! No dryness, no odd off-notes of play dough. It's a very enjoyable vape that had me vapin' it for two days straight.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
This... this is some good shit.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Very, very nice and fresh. Good mouth feel. Love it!
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is pretty satisfying! Nice and fresh.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is some seriously good shit. Pizza and dawg has succeeded in using HHGv1 (R.I.P) with something a RY4 normally don't go with. It's nicely balanced recipe and oddly, that VT Shisha Lime pairs perfectly with HHGv1. The cheesecake trinity does what it does and just fits. This is one dirty lime cheesecake and I love it. A good solid old school eyemakepizza recipe, before he turned into a self-loathing baby-making ice cream lunatic.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is some serious good stuff. I was scared, that the lime would completely overtake everything, but it didn't. 6% Yoghurt drink might seem high, but it suits the lime so very well. Good stuff!
User: Kittybit Score: 4 Entered: about 2 years ago
I'll chime in with ID10-T on this. I have zero clue what the hell a Pluot Clafoutis is or how it should taste like - but hey, it doesn't matter. As long as the vape tastes good, which this does. However there are a few pointers. First is that 3 days is not enough steeping. After 3 days I find it to fall a little flat, the plum hasn't really set in with the rest and the NY Cheese Cake is still on a very bullying stage. Now after 7 days (as to where I'm writing this) it's much, much better and the flavors has really blended in well together. Although, I still find something in the fruit department lacking to accompany the plum and the apricot. It needs just a touch more of a fruity body to really make this shine. So I'd say this is pretty much close to home - nearly flawless as ID10-T described it. Sucks I can't give it 4.5 stars, cause that's exactly where it is. Very good and enjoyable vape. Sorry for teasing you about it, my dear friend.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Considering it's a 2-ingredient recipe, this is pretty damn good. The pistachio is very heavy and creamy in this recipe, but fits strangely well considering it holds up against the RY4 all on it's own. The Ry4 is a little in the background, but it's really comfortable. Very great vape.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Simple recipe, yet so delicious. While I normally find Black Touch boring on its own, it just works very well alongside FA Custard Prem. Very nice recipe! It's not too overly licorice-like, but it's there as bit of a back note. Very well made.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This is some serious good stuff. I was a little sceptical at first with the 1.5% INW biscuit, as we are so used to this around 0.5%, but I must say that the CAP Vanilla Custard really combats the dryness INW Biscuit usually has. So a very easy and tasty recipe the Developed boys has made here.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This is some serious good stuff. I was a little sceptical at first with the 1.5% INW biscuit, as we are so used to this around 0.5%, but I must say that the CAP Vanilla Custard really combats the dryness INW Biscuit usually has. So a very easy and tasty recipe the Developed boys has made here.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
This is actually pretty neat! FLV Mango and CAP Lemon Lime does go very well together. There's no BS with this recipe and I love it. You get what's on the label. For a 30ML I added 2 drops of CAP Super Sweet to make it just a little bit more poppin'. easy simpel delicious recipe. Oh and if Mr. Bellows says it's yours, then it's yours.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
This is good simpel candy recipe. The peach and strawberry blend very well together with a good jelly texture from CAP Jelly Candy. I disagree with the 7 days of steeping, although it doesn't make it bad in any way. Leaving it over night and it's good to go. Very enjoyable.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Never tried the original, so I can't base my review on that. But none the less then this is some good stuff that I have mixed a god handful of times. Every time, I'm as satisfied as I was the first time. Simple, delicious and well made.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
For a very long time, I have been looking for a good no-bullshit peanut cream. And this is it. It's fantastic! Nice round mouth filling delicious cream and the DX Peanut Butter and FA Carmel really work well together. I like the tiny amount of malt the M&H brings to this mix. It's just pure fantastic. Thanks for such a great mix.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
Might as well copy my review from ROTY2020 for this: Let alone the fact, that I didn't get to write down a review for this in the mega recipe review thread pains me. So I have decided to nominate it for ROTY instead. Reasons: It does exactly what Prickly Victory failed to execute. Deserve to actually be good and be something with a bit of "oomph" to it. Now I appreciate a simple recipe that does something. Even more I appreciate when a mixer can bend concentrates, that aren't obvious, and still maintain it to be good. That is exactly what this is. A masterpiece no less.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
This is a pretty enjoyable vape actually and a great attempt for a first recipe. Obviously, the mixer could have gone down a much deeper route with the milk, but it kinda works with FLV Cream and FA Meringue combo.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
This deserves a big hell yes from me.
User: Kittybit Score: 4 Entered: 10 months ago
So close to 5 stars, but yet a little far away. The simplicity of this recipe proves, that it is truly possible to make a good solid recipe with just a few ingredients. Sadly, it's not perfect as the super sweet really mutes a lot of the good flavors in this recipe. I do pick up the coffee and a creamy texture, but I'm not fidning a whole lot of vanilla due to the muting. I made a second tester at the same time where I tried lowering CAP Super Sweet to just 0.25% and it is definitely a lot better. A good adaption to this, would be to introduce it to a little bit of VT Coffee Milk Froth, which I think could help it out with more texture. Over all, not bad a recipe and I really enjoyed vaping it, despite the overly sweet taste.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
I regeret that it has taken me this many months to review this. I apologise! I mixed this up on the day it was released. Few days later, when it had steeped, I brought it with me as we were going out. I filled the squonk and spend the day vaping just this. And oh dear, I did not regret it. This is a pretty damn good no-bullshit recipe. Everything in this has been cared for and you can taste exactly that. Normally I’m not the biggest fan of LB Vanilla Ice Cream, but combined with the FA Cookie and FW Buttrip, it was damn good. I appreciate the support FA Cream Fresh provides and the sweetness from CAp Super Sweet that makes the flavours pop a little. All in all, pretty damn good experience for me to vape this.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
This is one of those recipes, that really scratch an itch for me. Been spending a few days with this and I really enjoy it. Perfect combo between the peaches and perfect combo between the candies. Great mouthfeel with an almost creamy-like texture to it, which I assume stems from the CAP Jelly Candy. The candy combo itself can be used with other fruits, too, which is a giant plus here. Good job, Sublime.
User: Kittybit Score: 2 Entered: 8 months ago
Definitely a quick and easy mix. However, INW Cactus at 3% as a main note has sadly turned this mix extremely medicinal and excruciating overpowered. The supposed subtle orange in the background is not there at all. I tried adding a little sweetener to it, to see if that would anything, but sadly no luck. I'm sad that this recipe has failed me, as I think the idea is good. But sadly needs a lot of worth balancing the two flavors.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 6 months ago
This is high quality thick delicious vanilla and caramel pudding. The mouthfeel is spot on and I love how every single component in this recipe works together, as if they were all meant to be. The FA Butterscotch in general really shows how amazing it is and I believe that this recipe is a good showcase of how great FA Butterscotch really is. My mind is definitely being drawn towards a good pudding based commercial juice, but only a fracture of the cost. Full on 5 stars from me on this.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
This recipe hits the spot for me. The combination of the deeper and sweet blueberry notes mixed with delicious bakery notes from the muffins, just hits it right in the ballpark. I really enjoy the little hints of vanilla I pick up and the rounder notes from the whipped cream. I find it suits very well with my morning intake of coffee. So very delicious! Good job!
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
This recipe reminds me of the mango nectar, that I typically buy from middle eastern stores here. The balance between the ripe and the sweet mango, is very much on point and walks a fine thin line. I love it. I think it could benefit more from a less aggressive sweetener, such as FW Sweetener, but CAP Super Sweet does the job perfectly fine. It’s really down to preference. It’s the fine balance between the two mangos that really counts. I’ve enjoed this for two straight now. I’m yet to be tired of it, so that’s a giant plus! Job well done!
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
This is some pretty neat stuff! Now I cannot compare it to the original Sad Boy Lemon Butter Cookie, as I have never had it. But, for what it's worth, this tastes pretty damn good. I'd argue the CAP Lemon Meringue Pie at 8% is probably a little bit of overkill, and could work fine adjusted, but hey... if it works, it works right? It's one of those recipes, that again proves just how amazing CAP Sugar Cookie really is.
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 12 days ago
After a long, long break from anything straight up fruits, I decided it was time to try something that was just fruity. So I went ahead and checked here on ATF what I could make. Mainly because I’m lazy and didn’t want to come up with anything myself. That’s how I ended up trying this recipe. I’m a sucker for mango and passion fruit and that is exactly what this recipe here deliveres. Nothing more, nothing less. As I was mixing it, I had some concerns that it wouldn’t be juicy enough. But it’s plenty juicy! I really appreciate the nuances here between the mango and the passionfruit. It’s such a cute little toe-to-toe dance they’re having. There’s a minor note of peel in this recipe, but you quickly forget about it. The only thing I changed a little was the amount of sweetener. I didn’t go the full 0.5% but stuck somewhere around 0.25%. Yummykevin98, thank you for a very delicious recipe!
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