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10 Shared E-Liquid Recipes found


We have apples, cream, dark caramel and walnut in this mix that gives us a vaping result for an ADV. Just shake well and its ready! Enjoy!

A recipe for all the fans of chocolate with a bit of caramel in it. Creamy chocolate milk and caramel its a sweet combination with the concentrates of VT plus the stone of dairy milk and cream milky undertone. Steep time 5 days. Enjoy!

A really milky and creamy cheesecake with strawberry. Steep it for 4-5 days and its ready for vape. Enjoy!!

What we have here is a cheesecake but instead of creams we have a stone of yogurts and blueberries at the top with a nice and sweet feeling of a jam. Steep i ll give 2 days or snv it like me! Enjoy!!

This is an update of first narcissism recipe. Now i use Holy Grail RY4 for more vape pleasure. Also Vanilla custard goes to 4% and bavarian lowers to 1,5% and we have a boost to nuts from Vanilla custard FLV. If you liked the first recipe, this one you gonna love it, i can promise you that!! Enjoy!!

The recipe is a strawberry cheesecake with yogurt stone as main cream. For base we have bisquit base together with NY cheesecake and graham grust. I vape it after 1h but if you want keep it for 1 week. Enjoy!

No its not another coffee. This is an inw combination with Arabic coffee and a nice boost from tiramisu while chocolate and cream comes to give a sweet feeling and taste. It can be easily an all day vape and you can start it right away after a good shake!! Enjoy!!

A milkshake banana full in milk and cream, while the milkshake base its an amazing concentrate and really helps to our mix to get the taste of a real milkshake. Give it 5 to 7 days to steep and enjoy!

A classic Irish coffee. INW coffee is our main coffee of the recipe while tiramisu gives it a boost. Our alcohol comes from Irish cream after the 7 days steep. Its a really nice mix for a winter day and not only. Enjoy!!

This is the best RY4D recipe you have ever tasted! Just steep it for 20 days and enjoy the caramel, nuts and cream!

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