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Testing out a new recipe. Notes to come once I have had a chance to steep. 10-14-16 tried after 3 days steep. Not bad. Needs more time to steep.

Shooting for a light cake note with baked in blueberries. 10-14-16 taste like plain oatmeal, or a dry whole grain muffin

V2 made changes to orig recipe

ELR: Ryno2424 Recipe: Pineapple cake with whipped cream on top!

I will make this as the Orig recipe calls for, then make any changes and will comment on changes etc in the notes. 10-14-16 tried after 3 days steep. Pineapple is still very strong. Try making another batch minus pineapple and mix together.

Shooting for a a nice creamy Strawberry Banana salt water taffy like we had as kids down the Shore.

first iteration

Strawberry Milkshake ELR: LoriDS


Adapted from the above recipe to reflect my flavor stash

Atom Bomb ELR: Joe Van Kleef

***This is my adapted version based on what I have on hand

Credit to BpalfZ on ELR
Adapted for my flavor stash

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