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Peanut Butter sugar cookie. Nice, smooth and creamy..

Peanut Butter sugar cookie. Nice, smooth and creamy..

This is my Watermelon cream with a hint of lemon. This one is different but I can't put it down.

This is my papaya chai tea loaded with sweet orange cream and a few cloves of anise were used when the cream base was heated on the stove top..

I used dried papaya and put it in the tea with the rest of the chai tea seasonings. This is a light chai to highlight the sweet creamy papaya and orange.

I serve this with a couple toasted marshmallows to stir in and melt to brighten the papaya and lighten the spices for a wonderful summer night experience.


My white chocolate vanilla cream bars with almonds.. I hope you enjoy this recipe open to suggestions..


This is a the conclusion to a long hard fought battle in getting a 1-1 Mothers Milk clone.. enjoy..
This is my unicorn clone and I've captured it baby!! This was nearly three years going back to it over and over till I got it down to vanilla custard graham cracker and sweet strawberry, but it was missing so much actual marzipan flavor.. The profile is more of a realistic strawberry marzipan than a custard to me, like the one from Ikea..

*Please MIX IT AS DIRECTED make it 80/20 VG/PG


This is my sweet Vanilla Cavendish Tobacco and it is smooth and soothing to vape and makes those hard days just a little bit sweeter. No harsh spice or off notes, enjoy!!

I love the strawberry limeades from Sonic. I make one at home sometimes and the only thing missing is the seed flavor, that is the only reason it is still "In Progress" but this is the closest I have gotten to the profile without too much extra noise and once I find a strawberry with seeds I will update.
I am also open to suggestions on a flavoring.

"hey sparky" is just like hey, this is like a shock of rejuvenation!! at least that's how I feel about drinking these.. ;0)


I originally made this with different strawberry blends but this is really nice after a good 5 day steep.

I built this house with bare hands and bricks, concrete and spit. Then I filled it with Fuzzy Love...

The dimensional crack for the haters is stuffed but just for mentioning love, that fuzzy love. For the moments we lost and the fuzz we forgot.. Keep it FULL MIGHTY.. Much FUZZ.

I also have a Pineapple and Cherry version of this as well..


This is all the flavors I had for the contest that I missed entering, This is a butterscotch cookies with cream.

Peaches & cream whipped up and stuffed inside little pie crust raviolis that have a hint of cinnamon & sugar to balance out this pie crust just right for these delicious cookies.

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