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Alpine strawberry: 1 drop per 10ml!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is a a lovely little mix. It’s melon forward mix with a Jammy strawberry that I get from alpine strawberry.this vapes interesting for me sometimes I get melons and sometimes the strawberry coming out to the front.Try adding a little ws-23 or mint

Simple straight forward I don’t have cap or TPA cantaloupe most likely it is one of those. I have flv and it works well. Sub your cantaloupe of your choice and vape on.

With cap. double apple with a back of Fuji makes a bright apple that stands out to the butter and creams
I used cap. Golden butter and butter cream which makes a rich butter with a good mouth feel and sweetness
The Apple pie filling has a baked apple with the pie filling spices add a touch of cinnamon danish swirl and Carmel to fill it out
Bavarian cream to fill out the mouth feel and round it out with a touch of super sweet
This recipe has everything I wanted. I vaped LS. Apple butter a few times, wanted something more and this does it for me. it’s simply great. I keep coming back to this one and has become in my adv rotation, you will enjoy this one. I shake and vape it only had a bottle for three days so don’t know how a steep will do lol


This is the weekend challenge banana bakery.
It's stright forward nothing that's not self explanatory .have not steeped yet saying that it was a challenge i saw on Friday but I have been enjoying this.

This will be on diyordie.com as well under the challenge.

Hope someone enjoy this as well and looking forward to see what everyone came up with.

Simply my take on raspberry lemonade it's nice and bright makes a great summer vape ENJOY!!!!!!!!

This recipe is all peach and has all aspects of it. sweet peach with a slight tartness on the top with a full body and a sweet peach exhale

together make a great fruit base. in this vape you will not taste apple but it fills it out nicely

is the star sits over the base and gives you a up front peach

This is here just for the sweetness and depth

this adds a slight tartness and makes this recipe work well

Can use cap super sweet @.5
Tfa sweetener @1%
Em @1%


Bavarian cream,cheesecake graham crust,meringue,brown sugar,banana cream
This make up a nice ice cream base with plenty of malt to bring out the milkshake quality in this vape add the pineapple to this and it is amazing. If you shake and vape it has pineapple up front but not over running the shake if you let it sit a day or two it comes together nicely. The cotton candy is just to sweeten I recommend it but is up to you . I hope you enjoy this one I know I do

User: Jwdman Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
amazing, thanks dave for posting I will be mixing a lot.
User: Jwdman Score: 3 Entered: about 3 years ago
I gave it a 3 star because the kiwi died down and pistachio took over. kiwi is a little flavor that fades where pistachio wont much.
User: Jwdman Score: 3 Entered: almost 3 years ago
I gave it 3 star due to percentages. as a strawberry custard it is not coming out that way. drop funnel cake down add custard and I would add a layer to the strawberry. if you want all cap recipe take the strawberry up a bit layer in custard and add accents. very intriguing idea on the funnel cake though great job. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWO7O1hRU0A
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