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Nice and thick, creamy vanilla malt marshmallow milkshake.

TPA VBIC + FA Vanilla Ice Cream provides the ice cream base. TPA VBIC works fine on its own @ 3%, but FA Vanilla Ice Cream complements it nicely. This combination also allows the TPA VBIC to be used at a lower concentration, which will help to greatly reduce or even eliminate the "peppery" flavor that some people get.

TPA Malted Milk + FW Hazelnut is the malt. These two flavors work amazingly well together as a malt base. TPA Malted Milk is extremely "potent" to me – using it at anything more than 1.25-1.5% completely overpowers everything else in a mix, while I see many recipes using it much higher. So you might need to increase the TPA Malted Milk from the 1% I am using here.

CAP Whipped Marshmallow + TPA Marshmallow obviously gives the marshmallow. I chose CAP Whipped Marshmallow as the main ingredient here, since its light and airy mouthfeel is a great way to help keep things from being bogged down. I tried TPA Toasted Marshmallow, which actually worked out pretty well, but I felt the recipe was starting to get a bit too "busy". If you would like to try it anyways, then go with 1.5% TPA Toasted Marshmallow and 1% CAP Whipped Marshmallow.

INW Shisha Vanilla boosts the vanilla flavor up a tiny bit. I didn't go very high here, because it would overpower the delicate marshmallows.

TPA Whipped Cream is there because all milkshakes need whipped cream.

CAP Vanilla Custard at the small amount of 0.5% doesn't alter the flavor much at all, but it helps tie everything together. I started out at 1%, but it added too much "butteryness", and began to encroach on the lighter flavors, like the whipped marshmallow and whipped cream.

It's definitely vapeable as a S&V, but definitely needs at least a week to meld.

This also works great as a base for other milkshake recipes. Depending on what you want to add, consider omitting the malt (the combination of TPA Malted Milk and FW Hazelnut). For example, when adding some caramel, cake / cookie, or especially some chocolate, keeping the malt might definitely be a great option. But if you want to add strawberry, banana, or other fruit, you probably would want to leave it out. One exception is when adding a cereal (like FW Fruity Flakes, or any of the dozens of other cereal flavorings available), where I'd recommend dropping the TPA Malted Milk but leaving in the FW Hazelnut. In a cereal recipe, FW hazelnut at low concentrations, as here, does a great job transforming the milk and cream flavorings into the milk left over after eating a bowl of cereal.

Note: I vape almost exclusively on RDA's at fairly high wattages (100-120 watts on average, and rarely anything below 80 watts), so my recipes tend to have less amounts of flavoring than average. Depending on your hardware and preferences, you may need to increase everything slightly. Using 1.25x - 1.5x what is listed here will put the total flavor concentration at 11.25–13.5%, which is more in line with what seems to be typical.

A frosted donut topped with crunchy fruity cereal. Equal amounts of two different cereal flavors are used, hence the name "Parallel serial". I chose FW Fruity Flakes and TPA Silly Rabbit, as the Silly Rabbit helps smooth out and tone down the brashness of the Fruity Flakes. These can be substituted for your own two favorite cereal flavors – I've tried a few different combinations and each worked fine due to the low concentrations used (not enough to bring out any of the "off" notes as can happen when using most cereal flavors in higher amounts). The combination of FW Fruity Flakes and TPA Silly Rabbit was my personal favorite.

If you get the "Play-doh" flavor from CAP Glazed Doughnut, you might want to consider switching the concentrations for it and CAP Sugar Cookie, using 2% CAP Glazed Doughnut and 3.5% CAP Sugar Cookie. But it's only used at 3.5% here, and the cereal flavors help push that particular note deep in the background, so I would advise trying it as it is first, then adjust from there.

FW Cake (Yellow) can be swapped out for CAP Yellow Cake without much of a change if you have qualms about the fructose. But the FW version is definitely better here.

The acetyl pyrazine is optional, but it does help add a bit of crunchiness to the cereal on top.

This is surprisingly good as a shake and vape, but does improve a bit after a few days of steeping.

I tried Wafflepriest1's A.J.S.M. (Apple Jacks in Strawberry Milk) recipe and found it great, but it didn't quite match the title. While this was explained in the description – it's more of a mixture of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks – I decided to try and make it closer to just Apple Jacks cereal.

Apple Jacks does of course have cinnamon flavor, just not as much as in the original recipe, so CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl is reduced significantly. FW makes an Apple Jacks flavor, but unfortunately all I get from it is a spiced apple cider, with no cereal or bakery notes of any kind. But I've found it to work well in relatively small amounts as part of an Apple Jacks recipe. So it is added in at 2%, and FA Fuji is cut in half to 1.5% to compensate for the extra apple flavor.

I also increased FA Meringue to 1.75%. I use it at 1.5–2% in pretty much any cereal recipe I make, since it mimics the sugary coating of "kids cereals" so damn perfectly. It also helps tie the cereal and milk flavors together.

And since the milk in the original recipe was too low for my taste, I added 1% of FW Hazelnut to thicken it up. This is another flavor that winds up in almost all of my cereal recipes since it works so well in the milk.

This is quite vapeable as a shake and vape, but definitely improves after a few days.

I still think it needs more milk, so that is something I will work on. Perhaps a bit of TFA Bavarian Cream and/or a touch of FA Vienna Cream, but I haven't tested anything yet.

A rich cinnamon roll drizzled with cream cheese icing, using common flavors that you probably already have all (or at least most) of. FW Cake (Yellow) can be substituted for CAP Yellow Cake or CAP Vanilla Cupcake without a huge effect on the recipe if you have concerns about using this flavor.

User: JustinLFranks Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
CAP Sugar Cookie and CAP Vanilla Custard are both awesome flavors, so it is no surprise that they work so well together. This is a ridiculously simple recipe that is ridiculously good. While I prefer a bit lower percentage of CAP Sugar Cookie (5.5%) and adding 1.5% TFA Whipped Cream, 1.5% TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust), and 2% CAP Vanilla Cupcake (for a "softer / cake-ier" cookie with a light frosting), when I need to whip up something real quick that will taste great as a shake and vape, this recipe is what I usually go for.
User: JustinLFranks Score: None Entered: about 3 years ago
TPA Banana Nut Bread is such a great flavor, isn't it? CAP Sugar Cookie and CAP Vanilla Custard were perfect choices to pair it with, too. I prefer it with a bit less of those two, however. 2.5% CAP Sugar Cookie and 2% CAP Vanilla Custard worked quite well – all of the good stuff they provide are still there, but it allows the TPA Banana Nut Bread some "breathing room".
User: JustinLFranks Score: 4 Entered: about 3 years ago
This is definitely a nice first attempt at cloning a specific flavor. Don't be afraid to bump up the TPA Rice Crunchies quite a bit – I usually go with 6–7.5% if it is the main flavor of a recipe. I don't taste any "off" flavors even though I'm using so much of it; it's a rather light flavor. FA Meringue at 1% will definitely help as mentioned by cdaniell30. It's pretty much a magic bullet for any recipe which calls for a sweet, sugary glaze. I've found that in recipes like this, where marshmallow needs to be pretty forward, using a mix of small amounts of marshmallows from different vendors is a good idea. TPA and FA are "must-have" marshmallows. 1 – 1.5% each of those plus the CAP you are already using would be a good place to start. Mixing multiple vendors' versions of a single flavor like this prevents you from getting "off" flavors from going too high on any individual one, and each vendor's version is different and can bring something new to the table.
User: JustinLFranks Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
I get an "off" flavor from TPA Vanilla Swirl starting at around 1.25%. This sucks, because I love what it does at low concentrations; there is just something in there I am overly sensitive to, so I cannot use it higher than 1%. To modify this recipe, I reduced it to 1%, and added 1% TPA Whipped Cream to compensate. I considered using 1% of CAP Vanilla Custard or FA Vanilla Bourbon to stick with the vanilla flavor, but TPA Whipped Cream is one of my favorite flavors and finds its way into most of my recipes anyways. It adds a bit of "fluffy sweetness" to things, and it worked well here. Like others, I get only powdered sugar from FA Zeppola (especially at 4.5%) at first. It takes at least a week for the bready donut flavor to start to come into play, and about 2 weeks before it really starts to shine. I was disappointed when I first picked up this flavor, but I'm very glad that I gave it a chance. It really is an amazing flavor. I'm also a huge fan of simple recipes. For quite a long time, I got sucked into the "more flavors equals more complexity and better recipes" mindset. It took some time to realize that oftentimes this is not the case, and that simple recipes can be absolutely amazing when the right ingredients are used. While some of my recipes do require a high ingredient count, I was able to simplify many of them, and they are now better than they were before. So I love it when I see simple recipes like this one, which showcase one particularly good flavor, and use just a couple of other good flavors to round things out. Great job!
User: JustinLFranks Score: 4 Entered: about 2 years ago
I'm very sensitive to cinnamon – I usually need to drastically reduce the cinnamon flavor(s) in most recipes to have it not overpower everything else. But even I don't get any cinnamon from this recipe. Adding 0.25 – 0.5% CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl puts it right in "lightly cinnamon donut" territory for me.
User: JustinLFranks Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
Very nicely done.
User: JustinLFranks Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
What a great cake from a relatively simple recipe! I made the suggested substitution of CAP Cake Batter for FLV Cupcake Batter. I also do not have FLV Sweet Coconut, but get pretty intense waxy and "soapy" off notes from the suggested substitution of TPA Coconut Extra, especially when used as high as 0.75% (it's a rather strong flavoring). So I used 1.25% of TPA Coconut Candy instead. I also have CAP Coconut and FA Coconut at my disposal, and will try those as well in the place of FLV Sweet Coconut. The cake flavoring in this recipe is phenomenal, but I found it a bit too light on the frosting for me. So I replaced the 0.25% CAP Super Sweet with 0.5% TPA Whipped Cream. It's a light and airy cream which also adds a fair bit of sweetness, which is why I omitted the CAP Super Sweet instead of just adding the TPA Whipped Cream to the recipe. I realize that the changes I've made make it a good deal different than the original recipe, but am still giving this 5 stars, since it was a very simple matter to make the adjustments to match my own preferences. I was also surprised at how "potent" this recipe is, even with such a low amount of total flavoring (5% for the original, and 5.5% for my modified version). Part of this is because I vape at a fairly high wattage (100 - 120 watts), but I still tend to use a lot more flavoring in my own recipes (usually 8-10%).
User: JustinLFranks Score: 4 Entered: about 1 year ago
Simple but effective. I get a really "off" flavor from TPA Coconut Extra, so made my usual substitution of TPA Coconut Candy at twice the amount (so 1% here). I might try increasing the TPA Graham Cracker Clear to 1-1.25% next time, as I found the crumb flavor to be a bit too far in the background.
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