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Marshmallow to help with gummi texture.
Shisha helps with strawberry flavor.
Strawberry gummy helps with strawberry and texture.
Red lic helps with texture and lic feel.
Sweeten it up with some supper sweet.
Peach gummi helps with gummy bit and peach helps make strawberry a bit juicer. Mix on my friends rate and comment thanks to all

Smooth awsome egg nog cinnamon roll this one is very good give it a try please rate and comment

This one is the bomb hope u all like. Let me know what u think let steep at least a week or that mascarpone cheese is narrly


Great mix give it a try u won't regret it

Great mix give it a try u won't regret it

A strawberry Swiss roll that taste amazing enjoy. Let me know what u think

One of the best well rounded cheesecakes IV ever produced.

Peach is really nice
Yes we cheesecake is my favorite cheesecake
Mascarpone cheese helps fill in the cheese cake
Molinberry cookie bite adds the extra crunch
Super sweet brings it all together give it a shot


Best strawberry cheesecake I’ve ever made let me know what u think


Root beer float just the way I remember them just in vape form

Great mix taste just like a choc mint candy cane give it a try

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Awsome mux
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