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Need something refreshing on the hot summers day and water or soda isn't doing it for you? ? I've got the answer Lychee with a twist or fizz if ya like.
2 drops of menthol if you like.
I don't think it needs sweetener but you can add to ya liking.
Stay cool

Something I've always loved is Cheesecake, So why not Vape it.

Just a few simple ingredients that everyone has I would think. I was nit sure about the Vienna cream however I believe it just adds a bit more creamy flavour.

Let me know what you think.


I know I've got a lot of cheesecake in my book but I just love Cheesecake. I decided to use LOVE in this recipe as I feel it would be nice and something different.
Love gives it that nice creamy feel just to help out the Vienna cream. I feel using blueberry Jam gives it a bit more punch.
Give it a go, I like it.

Fresh and smooth mango shake. My idea came from just coming back from a tropical holiday lol. I had a mango shake and wanted more so I made it into a E liquid. Something simple that tastes great.❤

Did you miss Breakfast no problem. Yes lots of flavours however, tastes just like the breakfast a champion would eat.

Add sweetener to ya taste.

Something I felt like vaping at the time, turns out its very nice.

If dragon tasted of something this would be it, nothing like chicken lol. Smooth with a hit of Dragon just at the start and a nice note of lychee.

Add more or less sweetener to ya taste.

Let me know what you think.

Its what I thought it would taste like delish, Can taste the orange and the passionfruit and the cake. Cake more on the exhale but just right in my opinion.

Give it a go. let me know what you think

Something for the first time DIY people, its easy and nice to vape.

This was just something I felt like making at the time and did not want to go get from the shops cos why would I right.

Very simple to make and goes alright, probably can and should use a strawberry or a hint of pear just to finish.

who doesn't like Nutella, now put that in a cupcake and add some vanilla and a hint of frosting and let me tell you, you will be in love.

let me know what you think.

User: JoesJuice Score: 5 Entered: 3 days ago
wow that's good, thanks made my day better THANK YOU
User: JoesJuice Score: 4 Entered: 3 days ago
7 Steep days and its great, 1.0% - 1.5% % juicy peach is where I'm at with it. great job
User: JoesJuice Score: 5 Entered: 13 days ago
Decided to make up a batch yesterday and OMG this is good. Its like an Apple and raspberry drink with watermelon on the side, that's the only way to describe it. I would probably just use less double apple go down to like 3% Just like the picture I guess. Give it a GO Yes It kicks Ass I would recommend 1% super sweet buts to bring out the flavours more
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